AppSense StrataApps

StrataApps by AppSense is a very interesting application virtualization technology. It’s focus is not really to ‘deliver’ your end users your enterprise applications as a virtual application. The concept here is actually to enable your users to be able to create their own virtual applications. AppSense have made the process so simple that your typical non-technical end user could do it with little to no training. The beauty of this, is that you provide a more user-centric desktop experience. I’m sure we’ve all heard IT referred to as the department of NO. Well, with this solution IT folk can rest a little easier at the thought of those damn end users downloading an installing their own software. That’s because the software will be virtualized and isolated as a result. It should have no impact on the security of the users machine. So, that’s one less security headache and possible help desk call. With StrataApps, the users won’t need Administrator rights to install the apps either. And as you might expect with AppSense, the apps will follow users around from machine to machine. Sounds cool, right?

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Portable Apps Suite

Back again with yet another application virtualization solution. This time with Portable Apps Suite or P-Apps. This one is very simplistic, very straight forward to setup and very straight forward to use. I have mentioned in my blogs on other application virtualization technologies that most of the Application virtualization solutions provide the capability and produce applications which provide what I refer to as ‘portable’ applications. You will see with solutions such as App-V and Symantec Workspace Streaming which require you to install a client or agent software piece on your end user devices in order to publish applications for those users to leverage. Portable solutions encapsulate everything required for the application to function i.e. the registry, files, folders, services, environment variables and also provides isolation into one executable. The executable also obviously contains the vendors own solution to ensure the application launches and finds what it needs in the isolated location etc. So essentially, the agent or client which needs to be installed for App-V, is actually just built into every application. Making it portable for use on any Windows machine, since it doesn’t need a client installed to work or any backend servers. Now, note, I just stated Windows machine, this is because portable does not mean the app will work on any Operating System, isolated applications does not mean the application no longer requires an operating systems system files to function. Most applications will leverage some sort of system files to function which are unique to Windows. So, if you thought you could take your app and use it on your MAC or Linux machine, think again.

The beauty of a portable solution such as this though. Is that you can carry your applications around with you on removable storage and use them anywhere from any windows machine. Everything about this solution is pretty simple. Let’s take a look.

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