E2EVC 2014 LAX

I was very honored to speak at the first Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference held in the United States. I had a blast, met some great people and got to see some great technical content. It was pretty overwhelming to meet people from all around the world, all brought together by a common interest. America, Australia, Holland, Ireland, Germany, France, Brazil, Israel and even more nations were represented by the 55 attendees. There was no cultural barrier with Technology involved.

The organization of the event was excellent. All thanks go to Alex Juschin and all of the great sponsors in that regard. The sponsors who presented at the conference were not heavy on the marketing which was great, considering those in attendance would likely not be responsive to this. We got treated to some great presentations by the likes of Nvidia, AMD, DigiCert and SMSPasscode. It was great finally getting to see products such as UberAgent and Norskale being  demo’d and discussed in person. They are products that I have admired from afar for quite some time. I also must say, I really enjoyed that the majority of the products being demo’d had a Consultants or Community version available for us to play with. Thanks guys!

I got to meet people who I have followed online for quite some time like @HelgeKlein , @RemkoWeijnen , @CarlWebster, @JarianGibson , @XenAppBlog and more! I had the privilege of meeting @Stealthpuppy for my second time, he actually took a look at my slides the night before I presented and gave me some very useful tips, which he didn’t have to do and I appreciate! I also got to meet some people I was not following before the event but am now!

Some of my highlights for the conference include:

Both the fun of seeing some very beautiful people in various states of undress doing Yoga and also that feeling of self loathing when walking past a group of Yogi’s with my dumb face stuffed with an overpriced glazed donut I got in the lobby between sessions. A roller coaster of emotions!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.38.59 AM

The first American E2EVC also featured the first female presenter by way of Theresa Miller (@24x7ITConnect) who gave us a glimpse into her world, providing details about her current architecture in use and what she learned from her day to day work in both building and maintaining it all. Something else I found interesting with regards to Theresa, there was a conversation over a few beers on Friday evening. Theresa had suggested that Twitter has become a vital tool for her in terms of research and keeping informed. This is something I certainly relate to. For anybody with an interest in keeping skilled up and informed, Twitter is your best friend!

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