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263January 2nd 2023A Recap of the Big Stories of 2022!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
262December 26th 2022Major LastPass Breach Update! Okta Breach Update! No Raspberry Pi 5 in 2023!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
261December 21st 2022Windows Update Causing Blue Screens! Patch Causing Taskbar Flickering and App Instability!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
260December 15th 2022Microsoft-signed Drivers used in Cyber Attacks! Critical Citrix ADC and Gateway Vulnerability!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
259December 9th 2022Patch Breaks ODBC Connections! AAD & MSA Account Linking! Epson Leaving Laserjet Game!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
258December 2nd 2022AWS re:Invent 2022 Highlights! Updates Crashing Servers! Updates Unregistering VDAs!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
257November 24th 2022SQL Server Price Increase! IGEL Exits Hardware Business! Kerberos Fix!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
256November 16th 2022Update on DCs Breaks Authentication! Info on Number Matching in MFA! Desktop Analytics Retirement!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
255November 10th 2022Patch Tuesday News! VMware Explore Europe Announcements! Tech Sector Right-sizing!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
254November 3rd 2022BIG Vulnerability in OpenSSL! Citrix Media Redirection Broken in Chrome! ChromeOS Support in Intune!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
253October 27th 2022Microsoft Fixes BYOVD Blocklist Issue! Big Month for Apple Patches! ARM Template Update!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
252October 21st 2022Microsoft Data Breach! Citrix SD-WAN End of Life! Send Messages from Intune!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
251October 14th 2022Microsoft Ignite 2022 Highlights! Google Cloud Next Highlights! BIG Patch Tuesday News!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
250October 5th 2022Even More Windows 11 22H2 Problems! 2 Exchange Zero Days Exploited! Amazon Workspaces News!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
249September 29th 2022Windows 11 22H2 Problems! Mandiant Acquisition Complete! Win365 App!LinksApple PodcastsSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify
248September 23rd 2022Out-of-Band MECM Patch! Windows 11 22H2 is Here! Patch Adobe to Acquire Figma!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
247September 15th 2022Windows Update Breaks GPOs! VMware Charged by SEC! Patch Tuesday Roundup!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
246September 8th 2022Devices with New CPUs Suffer Data Damage! M365 App Support for Server 2022! Intune Linux Management!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
245September 2nd 2022HUGE VMware Explore Announcements! AAD Kerberos Enhancement! AAD Single Sign-On Update!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
244August 24th 2022Carbon Black Related BSODs! Ads Appear in Outlook! Google Shelves Another Product!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
243August 19th 2022Two Apple Zero-Days Being Actively Exploited! Patch Tuesday Fallout! Cool PowerToys Feature!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
242August 11th 2022Healthcare Cyber Attack Coding! Trusted Launch VMs for AVD! Patch Tuesday News!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
241August 4th 2022Ignite to be In-Person! Could the Chip Shortage be Nearing Its End? Critical VMware Bug!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
240July 28th 2022August Patch May Break Printing! New Chrome Zero Day! Significant AVD Growth!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
239July 20th 2022Patch Tuesday Fallout! Windows to Move to 3 Year Upgrade Cycle!? Citrix HDX Plus for Win365!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
238July 14th 2022Is a VMware and Citrix Merger Possible!? Autopatch is GA! July Patch Tuesday News!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
237July 8th 2022Marriott Breached Again! Ransomware Gang Targeting ESXI! Cloud Computing Constraints!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
236July 1st 2022June Patch Breaks IE Mode! Ransomware Gang Launch Bug Bounty Program! A Legend Leaves Microsoft!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
235June 24th 2022June Patches Causing Problems! Cisco Won't Patch EoL Routers! AAD LAPS!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
234June 16th 2022June Patch Tuesday News! Farewell IE11! New MEM Reports! Tech Hiring Spree!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
233June 8th 2022Apple WWDC Highlights! Exchange Server 2025! Free Microsoft Cert Exam Offer!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
232June 2nd 2022Broadcom Plans for VMware! New Azure AD Security Enhancements! Edge Sync Feature Coming!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
231May 27th 2022Microsoft BUILD 2022 Highlights! VMware May be Acquired! Out-of-Band DC Patch!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
230May 19th 2022Authentication Broken by Windows Update! Citrix for Windows 365! Improved Open Source Security!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
229May 9th 2022.NET Features Broken by Windows Update! New Mail App! MFA for GitHub!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
228May 5th 2022Apple App Store Integrity Questioned! Epic Leads EHRs! PowerShell Extension Overhaul!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
227April 28th 2022Zoom 1:1 to be Limited to 40 mins! Intune for Multi-Session AVD! Chrome Zero Day!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
226April 22nd 2022Patch Tuesday News Roundup | New CVAD LTSR | Zero Click iPhone Exploit & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
225April 12th 2022HUGE Windows 365 Announcements | Windows Autopatch | Chrome Emergency Patch & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
224April 5th 2022Citrix DaaS Announcement | Spring4Shell | Chrome v100 Citrix Issues & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
223March 31st 2022Okta Security Breach Update | Citrix ADC Bug | Chrome v100 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
222March 24th 2022Okta Security Breach | Microsoft Source Code Leaked | Policy Reporting in MEM & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
221March 18th 2022HIMSS Highlights | Restore Feature for Cloud PC | Windows 11 Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
220March 10th 2022Major Linux Vulnerability | Patch Tuesday News | Google AcquisitionLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
219March 3rd 2022Intune Updates | Upcoming Windows 11 Features | EUC Masters RetreatLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
218February 25th 2022Hotpatching for Server, Slack Outage, Malware in the Microsoft StoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
217February 18th 2022AMD Overtakes Intel, AVD Update, Several Rumored AcquisitionsLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
216February 10th 2022MSIX Install Protocol Disabled, Win365 AADJ Update, Patch Tuesday OverviewLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
215February 4th 2022Citrix Acquired, vCenter Converter Unavailable, 365 Portals OfflineLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
214January 28th 202218 Group Polices to Avoid for Win10 and Win11LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
213January 20th 2022January Patches Break Citrix PVS and Hyper-VLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
212January 14th 2022Organizations Could be Fined for Not Patching Quickly Enough!?LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
211January 4th 2022Y2K22 Strikes, Email Goes Down!LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
210January 1st 2022A Year in Review for Enterprise ITLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
209December 22nd 2021Updates on Log4j but also Oracle are Acquiring Who!?LinksViewLaunchPlayStream
208December 17th 2021The Latest Updates on Log4jLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
207December 11th 2021Log4j2: What We Know So FarLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
206December 10th 2021AWS Outage, Microsoft Security Enhancements, F5 Rebrand & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
205December 3rd 2021AWS Reinvent Highlights, FSLogix with AAD Preview, MSIX News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
204November 26th 2021New Windows Zero Day, RCA for Google Disruption, Nerdio NVP Program & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
203November 21st 2021Citrix Layoffs, Return of Emotet, Windows 365 Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
202November 11th 2021HP and IGEL Team Up, ControlUp Funding, Exchange Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
201November 5th 2021Microsoft Ignite 2021 Highlights, 2 Chrome Zero Days, Win11 Issues & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
200October 29th 2021Windows Terminal Updates, Win10 21H2 Details, Festive Tech Calendar & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
199October 21st 2021PolicyPak Acquisition, Apple Announcements, Canon Lawsuit & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
198October 15th 2021Major Azure VM Disruption, Printing Woes Return, Massive DDoS Attack & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
197October 8th 2021VMworld 2021 Highlights, Windows 11 Launch, Citrix CEO Resigns & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
196September 30th 2021Windows 11 Launch Update, MFA Vulnerability, Nutanix Citrix Team Up & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
195September 22nd 2021Unpatched Exchange Bug, Win11 Health Checker Update, New ServiceNow Teams Integration & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
194September 17th 2021New Apple Products, Major Apple Vulnerability, Azure AD Join Update & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
193September 9th 2021Confluence Cyber Attacks, Office 365 Attacks, Microsoft Start & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
192September 2nd 2021Server 2022 Generally Available, MSIX for Citrix, Google ARM Processor Coming & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
191August 27th 2021Windows Server 2022 is Here, FlexApp One Launched, AVD Previews & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
190August 20th 2021Office 365 Price Change, Microsoft Takes Rubrik Stake, Win11 Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
189August 13th 2021HIMSS 2021 Highlights, Patch Tuesday News, New Print Spooler Issue & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
188August 5th 2021Windows 365 CloudPC Roundup, New Microsoft Acquisition, Warning About New Defender Feature & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
187July 30th 2021HP to Acquire Teradici, Start VM ON Connect Goes GA, Teams Safe Guard & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
186July 22nd 2021Zoom Acquisition, Microsoft Linux Distro, Japan Sets New Speed Record & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
185July 17th 2021Microsoft Acquisition, Windows 365, PVS on Azure & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
184July 9th 2021PrintNightmare Vulnerability Patch Available, CloudPC Teaser & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
183July 1st 2021PrintNightmare Vulnerability, SMB Compress Feature, HPE to Acquire Zerto & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
182June 25th 2021Windows 11 Highlights, Tax Break for Ransomware Victims, RDCMan Returns & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
181June 17th 2021Windows 11 Details, New Visio for o365, PowerShell Updates via Windows Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
180June 11th 2021Patch Tuesday News, Major Internet Disruption, ExtraHop Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
179June 4th 2021Stack Overflow Acquired, WVD Update, Norton Crypto & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
178May 28th 2021Major vCenter Vulnerability, WinRM Vulnerability, SysInternals Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
177May 21st 2021HSE Ransomware Attack, FlexApp Feature Teaser, IE EoL Update & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
176May 13th 2021Lots of Patch Tuesday News, ControlUp v8.5 Launch, Outlook Bugs Details & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
175May 8th 2021iOS and macOS Vulnerability, Office to get new Default Font & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
174May 2nd 2021Passing of a Security Legend, Password Manager Breached, Turbonomic Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
173April 25th 2021Another Supply Chain Hack, Linux GUI Apps for Windows & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
172April 18th 2021Microsoft Acquires Nuance, MSIX App Attach for Azure Portal is GA & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
171April 10th 2021Linkedin Data Scraped, Edge Increases Market Share, E2EVC Return Announced & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
170April 3rd 2021Cisco Live Highlights, WVD Updates, Jabber Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
169March 27th 2021VMware Acquisition, File Explorer Facelift, App Layering Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
168March 21st 2021March Update Printing Issues Saga, Azure Outage & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
167March 13th 2021Deep Dive on Exchange Vulnerability, Chrome to Block Port 554 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
166March 6th 2021Ignite 2021 Announcements, Exchange and Chrome Zero Days Under Active Attack & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
165February 28th 2021Major VMware Vulnerability, AWS Workspaces on IGEL, Ransomware Horror Stories & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
164February 21st 2021M1 Chip Malware, Flash Nightmare, OS Battle Heats Up & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
163February 14th 2021IGEL Have Been Acquired, Slack Vulnerability, TCP Vulnerabilities & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
162February 7th 2021Chrome Zero Day, Win10 Updates Can Break WPF Apps, Ransomware Shutdown & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
161January 30th 2021WVD Cert Exam, VPN Connection Manager, A Gross Breach of Privacy & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
160January 22nd 2021Citrix Acquisition, MSIX News, macOS Malware & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
159January 15th 2021Patch Tuesday News, Ubiquiti Breach, Win10 NTFS Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
158January 9th 2021Solarwinds Hack Updates, MSIX Packaging Extension, Slack Outage & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
157January 2nd 20213 Year Anniversary, Apple Cloud Services Issue, Sunburst Updates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
156December 23rd 2020Update on Solarwinds Hack, Citrix ADC DDoS, New Edge Efficiency & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
155December 17th 2020Major Solarwinds Hack, New Cisco Acquisition, CVAD Drag and Drop & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
154December 10th 2020ControlUp’s New Acquisition, Patch Tuesday News, Farewell Flash & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
153December 4th 2020macOS Instances in AWS, Android Apps in MSIX, Security Horror Stories & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
152November 27th 2020AWS Outage, Out of Band Windows Patch, Slack Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
151November 19th 2020Apple Security Concerns, Project Pluton, RDP ShortPath & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
150November 13th 2020New Macs and macOS, Remote Desktop Manager for Linux & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
149November 5th 2020Another Chrome Zero Day, Teams Multi-Account Support & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
148October 29th 2020Passing of a Tech Legend, Zoom Encryption, Awful Ransomware Story & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
147October 23rd 2020Google Chrome Zero Day, Win10 20H2 Features, Ransomware Robin Hood & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
146October 15th 2020IBM to Split in Two, ESXi Ransomware, Patch News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
145October 9th 2020Dangerous Phishing Campaigns, Google Workspace, Disable IE GPO & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
144October 2nd 2020VMWorld 2020 Highlights, Bad Week for Office 365, CVAD 2009 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
143September 25th 2020Microsoft Ignite 2020 Highlights, ZeroLogon Ramping Up & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
142September 17th 2020NVIDIA Acquire ARM, Major Domain Controller Vulnerability, Return of Gateway & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
141September 11th 2020NEXT Conference Highlights, Citrix Storefront Vulnerability, Patch Tuesday News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
140September 4th 2020Major Global Internet Outage, DoH in Windows 10, ATP for Android & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
139August 29th 2020Outlook Application Guard, Google Chrome Patch, IT Budget Projections & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
138August 22nd 2020Google Service Disruption, IE11 Support to End for 365 Apps, Patch News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
137August 14th 2020Citrix Broken by Windows Defender and Sophos, Teams Updater Still Vulnerable, HTTPS Milestone & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
136August 7th 2020Potential Intel Data Leak, VMware Horizon 8, Windows Apps on ChromeOS & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
135July 31st 2020Ransomware Horror Stories, Edge Crashing, Appventix Launch & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
134July 24th 2020Microsoft Anti-Competition Accusation, Workspace App Vulnerability, VPN Data Leaks & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
133July 18th 2020Major DNS Vulnerability, Global Outlook Issue, TLS Cert Change for Chrome & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
132July 12th 2020New Citrix ADC Vulnerability, 433 Vulnerabilities Published by Oracle & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
131July 5th 2020F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability, Ransomware Hitting macOS Users, New Win10 Start Menu & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
130June 27th 2020Windows 10 June Update Issue, Apple’s Highlights from WWDC, Microsoft Acquisitions & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
129June 21st 2020Flash EoL Date Announced, Change to Win10 Versioning, DDos That Never Was & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
128June 14th 2020Lots of June Patching News, Better Battery Life for Macs & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
127June 7th 2020Amazon and Slack Team Up, Edge Rollout Begins, VMware Extends vSphere Support & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
126May 30th 2020Cisco to Acquire ThousandEyes, VMware Fusion Supports Containers, May Updates Issues & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
125May 24th 2020Microsoft BUILD Announcements, Storage Supply Issues, New Microsoft Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
124May 17th 2020Slack Disappears, Microsoft's Project STAMINA, New VMWare Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
123May 10th 2020Citrix Hypervisor Vulnerability, ControlUp News, Love Bug 20th Anniversary & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
122May 3rd 2020Sign into Windows w/ G Suite Account, 3rd Party Patch News, WFH Struggles & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
121April 25th 2020Windows 10 Update Issues, Google Remote Access, Edge Milestone & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
120April 18th 2020April Patch Tuesday, GitHub Goes Free, Windows App Containers for ChromeOS & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
119April 11th 2020Zoom Rights Some Wrongs, Uptick in Phishing Campaign Success, Azure Active Directory Change & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
118April 5th 2020Windows Zero Day Mitigation, Bad Week for Zoom, Windows VPN Related Patch & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
117March 28th 2020Windows Zero Day, CVAD 2003 Released, Further COVID-19 Impact & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
116March 22nd 2020Visual Basic Deprecated, Major Trend Micro Vulnerabilities, Virtual Synergy & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
115March 12th 2020AMD Vulnerabilities, SMBv3 Vulnerability, Citrix Public Cloud Support Change & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
114March 7th 2020Coronavirus Hitting Enterprise IT, Cisco WebEx Vulnerabilities, TMEdit Update & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
113February 28th 2020Microsoft Patchin' EoL Products Again, Print Servers to the Cloud & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
112February 21st 2020Microsoft Pulls a Patch, DoH to the Rescue, Cisco Predictions & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
111February 14th 2020Feb Patches Overview, Corp.com for Sale, Published App Issue on Server 2019 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
110February 8th 2020Teams Outage, Win10 Woes, LDAPS Delay & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
109February 1st 2020Layoffs at VMware, New IBM CEO, UN Security Breach & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
108January 24th 2020Microsoft Security Lapse, Issue with Final Win7 Patches & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
107January 17th 2020Episode 107 - Citrix ADC Vulnerability Deep Dive, CryptoAPI & RDP Bugs & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
106January 10th 2020Chrome 80 Could Break Sites, Ransomware Closes a Company, New NUC & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
105January 5th 20202 Year Anniversary, The Week’s News, 2019 Review & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
104December 28th 2019Major Citrix ADC Vulnerability Update, MSIX Core Release & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
103December 18th 2019Mail Storms, Zero Day Vulnerabilities & Ransomware, OH MY Plus Much MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
102December 12th 2019VPN Vulnerability, Nightmare Service Outage, New IgelOS Features & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
101December 5th 2019HPE SSD Timebomb, Splunk Y2K Like Bug, AWS ReInvent Announcements & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
100November 27th 2019MSIX AppAttach Preview, Office 365 Outage, Ransomware Warning & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
99November 19th 2019Chrome Breaks in RDSH, Cisco VOIP Vulnerabilities & Much MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
98November 14th 2019Symantec Endpoint Protection Crashing Servers, Docker Acquisition & Much MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
97November 6th 2019Highlights from Microsoft Ignite & VMworld Europe 2019 & Much MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
96October 31st 2019Cool New Microsoft ATP Feature, Google Maps Incognito Mode, Citrix LTSR Info & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
95October 24th 2019NordVPN Breach, SQL 2014 Vulnerability, MFA Disruption, Power BI In-App User Purchases & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
94October 18th 2019October Patch News, Sophos to be Acquired, The Death of Mark Hurd & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
93October 9th 2019Win10 Patches Break Start Menu & Printing, New Legacy TLS Feature, Linux Kernel Lockdown & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
92October 2nd 2019Windows Virtual Desktop is GA, IE Patch Update, Ransomware Stories & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
91September 25th 2019Out of Band Microsoft Patches, AppDNA to be Deprecated, New CentOS Release & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
90September 21st 2019Big Releases by VMware & Citrix, HP Acquires Bromium, Teams Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
89September 11th 2019More Windows 10 Updates News, App-V Support Extended, DNS Over HTTPS & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
88September 5th 2019Windows 10 Update Bug, AWS Disruption, PolicyPak Demos & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
87August 29th 2019VMworld 2019 Highlights, Droplet Computing, VPN Vulnerabilities & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
86August 22nd 2019VMware 6.7 CU3 Details, Container Security, New Microsoft Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
85August 15th 201920 Year Old Windows Vulnerability, Another RDP Flaw, August Patch News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
84August 8th 2019VBScript Disabled in IE11, Major Change to Microsoft Licensing, MongoDB Ransomware & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
83August 1st 2019Skype for Business Retirement, Windows 10 Boot Issue, Biggest Bank Breach Ever & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
82July 27th 2019Lots of Slack News, Citrix App Layering Update, Potential Apple Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
81July 18th 2019CloudJumper Updates, Desktop Analytics, Cloudflare Post-mortem & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
80July 11th 2019Zoom Vulnerability Saga, July Patch Tuesday News, SysTrack 9 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
79July 3rd 2019VMware Horizon 7.9, Office 365 for Server 2019, FSLogix Download & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
78June 27th 2019Citrix Receiver Vulnerability, Major Internet Disruption, Raspberry Pi 4 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
77June 22nd 2019Macbook Pro Recall, Win10 1809 CU, App Delivery Decision Matrix & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
76June 14th 2019Salesforce Acquires Tableau, UberAgent for macOS, Security Nightmares & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
75June 6th 2019Google Cloud Platform Outage, BIG Apple Announcements, Yet Another RDP Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
74June 1st 2019Windows 10 v1903 Update Issues, New NVIDIA Platform, AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU Specs & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
73May 23rd 2019Citrix Synergy 2019 Highlights, ControlUp 7.4 Launch, App Delivery Matrix & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
72May 17th 2019Major Windows Worm Discovered, Intel Vulnerability, VMware Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
71May 8th 2019Highlights from Microsoft Build, MMSMOA, Nutanix .Next & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
70May 2nd 2019Dell Technologies World Highlights, Win10 1903 Considerations, Docker Breach & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
69April 25th 2019Microsoft Acquires Express Logic, Google Sites Malware, Chrome Dark Mode for Win10 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
68April 18th 2019Internet Explorer Vulnerability, Droplet Computing, Google Cloud AD & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
67April 11th 2019April Patch Tuesday Warning, HPE Nutanix Alliance, Wi-Fi 6 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
66April 4th 2019Windows 10 Patching Change, Phishing Tales, Intel Launch & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
65March 28th 2019ShadowHammer Malware Patched, SCCM Updates, Importance of MFA & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
64March 21st 2019Windows Virtual Desktop Preview Launched, Huge FSLogix Update, GTC 2019 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
63March 13th 2019Citrix Internal Network Breach, Chrome Zero Day, NGINX Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
62March 9th 2019Windows Lite, Preview of Chromium Based Edge, USB 4 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
61March 1st 2019HoloLens 2 & Azure Kinect Reveal, RDSH Sizing Tips, Old Vulnerability Patched & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
60February 21st 2019Important Windows 7 Update, Apple's Project Marzipan, Teams Disruptions & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
59February 14th 2019HIMMS19 Highlights, Skype Privacy Concerns, Major Security News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
58February 7th 2019Major Linux & macOS Malware, VMware Acquisition, 2018 Hard Drive Failure Rates & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
57January 31st 2019DNS Flag Day, Last Free Version Of Java Released, Potential Intel Acquisition & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
56January 24th 2019IGEL Disrupt Highlights, Nutanix VMware Squabble, Cisco Switch Flaw & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
55January 18th 2019Massive Data Breach, Office x86 vs x64 Performance Analysis, Jerks in Tech & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
54January 12th 2019Windows Updates Cause NTLM and KMS Issues, GitHub Free Private Repositories & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
53January 5th 20191 Year Anniversary Special, OS Market Share, Office to Default to x64l & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
52December 27th 2018IE Zero Day Emergency Patch Consequences, MacOS Malware, New Office App & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
51December 20th 2018IE Zero Day Emergency Patch, Windows Sandbox, New ThinScale Product & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
50December 13th 2018Imposter Chrome Extension Exposed, Windows 10 Fixes, Citrix v7 1811 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
49December 6th 2018Edge Rebuild w/ Chromium, Microsoft Passes Apple, ShareFile Password Reset & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
48November 29th 2018AWS Reinvent & HPE Discover Highlights, Flash Zero Day, MFA Down Again & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
47November 21st 2018Microsoft Acquires FSLogix, Intel 9th Gen I9 To Solve Spectre and Meltdown?, AWS News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
46November 15th 2018Citrix Acquires Sapho, Windows 10 v1809 Rollout Resumes, vMotion Anniversary & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
45November 8th 2018VMworld Europe Highlights, Major SSD Encryption Vulnerability, SysInternal for Linux & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
44November 2nd 2018IBM to Acquire Red Hat, AMD Killing 32-bit Drivers, Container Talk & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
43October 25th 2018New Zero Day Exploit, JAMF Azure AD Integration, GitHub Stats & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
42October 18th 2018The Passing of Paul Allen, More Windows 10 v1809 Issues, Epson Crackdown & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
41October 11th 2018Windows 10 1809 Issues, MagicLeap Acquires Computes, NVIDIA GTC Announcements & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
40October 4th 2018Windows Server 2019 GA, Windows 10 v1809 GA, App-V Sequencer Bug, Tech Resume Tips & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
39September 27th 2018Microsoft Ignite 2018 Highlights, Citrix News, WebEx Outage & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
38September 20th 2018Microsoft Managed Desktop, Azure Cosmos DB On-Prem, Cloudflare Onion Service & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
37September 14th 2018Azure and Office 365 Disruption Update, VMTools Bug, Datrium Funding, Cool AD Query Trick & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
36September 7th 2018Azure & Office 365 Service Disruption, HUGE Win10 Announcements, Citrix Updates, Many Bugs & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
35August 31st 2018VMWorld Highlights, Citrix Release, ThinKiosk 5.2, InfoSec News & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
34August 24th 2018L1TF Performance Impact Revealed, NVIDIA News, ADFS Vulnerability & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
33August 18th 2018New Intel Exploits, VMware News, XenApp 7.18 Slowness Issue, TLS 1.3 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
32August 10th 2018Router Based Crypto-Mining Attack, MSIX Update, Linux Apps On ChromeOS, DEFCON & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
31August 2nd 2018Big Cisco Acquisition, InTune News, HP Bug Bounty, PowerShell Fun & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
30July 27th 2018Highlights from Google Cloud Next, July Patch Issues, MSIX Packaging Tool & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
29July 19th 2018Highlights From Inspire & AWS Summit, Layering, IoT Fun & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
28July 12th 2018More Spectre Woe, Patches Break Exchange XenDesktop 7.18 & Storefront, MSIX & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
27July 7th 2018Chrome Bug, Google Cloud COO Resigns, TMEdit Release, REGEDIT Enhancement & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
26June 28th 2018Azure AD MFA Policy, RDmi Info, Splunk Acquisition, App Layering Bake-Off & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
25June 21st 2018HPE Discover, Nvidia + Kubernetes, Computes Consensus Protocol, GPU Analysis & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
24June 14th 2018ControlUp 7.2, New Office UI, Docker Hub Security Issue, Growing the Podcast & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
23June 9th 2018macOS Mojave, XenApp & XenDesktop 7.18, Free Tech Conference for Women & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
22June 3rd 2018VMware Horizon 7.5, XenServer 7.5, GDPR Results & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
21May 25th 2018GDPR Goes Live, VPNFilter Malware, VMware Okta Partnership & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
20May 18th 2018VMware Workspace One Send, SCCM Metrics, MalwareTech Update & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
19May 11th 2018Special Extended Episode - Microsoft Build, Nutanix .Next & Citrix Synergy AnnouncementsLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
18May 4th 2018Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Cisco Acquire Accompany, FSLogix Cloud Cache & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
17April 28th 2018Citrix Sues WorkSpot, Azure IoT IOS Support, IGEL UD7, Win10 Lean & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
16April 22nd 2018vSphere 6.7, Satan Ransomware, RDS HTML5 Client, Master's Retreat & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
15April 14th 2018Self Destructing Email, Windows Admin Center, 64-bit Apps on ARM & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
14Apr 7th 2018Up and Down Week for Microsoft Cloud, Cloudfare DNS Resolver, PowerShell Fun & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
13Mar 31st 2018Nvidia Announcements, Teams MSI, WannaCry, Brian Madden Returns & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
12Mar 24th 2018Server 2019 Preview, RDP Attack, SetACL Anniversary, Gopher Merch & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
11Mar 17th 2018Patch Tuesday Warnings, macOS app QA Hiccup, Sophos Update Citrix VDA Issue & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
10Mar 20th 2018Lots of Big News from Microsoft, HP Healthcare PCs , Numecent ISV Offering & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
9Mar 2nd 2018Meltdown And Spectre Ending?, Microsoft Privacy Case, VMware Dell Merger & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
8Feb 23rd 2018Meltdown and Spectre Update, Horizon Cloud on Azure Beta, Decentralised Web & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
7Feb 17th 2018Skype Bug, GPO SYSVOL Fix, Citrix Acquire Cedexis, App-V Patches & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
6Feb 10th 2018Cisco ASA Vulnerability, Wordpress Bug, ExtraHop & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
5Feb 3rd 2018Spectre Headaches, Flash ZeroDay, Windows/Office Support, Office 2019 & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream
4Jan 27th 2018January Windows Updates Break GPO + SYSVOL, New HP Laptop Security Feature, Azure Pricing, Computes Beta & MoreLinksViewLaunchPlayStream

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