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63March 13th 2019Citrix Internal Network Breach, Chrome Zero Day, NGINX Acquisition & More ViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
62March 9th 2019Windows Lite, Preview of Chromium Based Edge, USB 4 & More ViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
61March 1st 2019HoloLens 2 & Azure Kinect Reveal, RDSH Sizing Tips, Old Vulnerability Patched & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
60February 21st 2019Important Windows 7 Update, Apple's Project Marzipan, Teams Disruptions & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
59February 14th 2019HIMMS19 Highlights, Skype Privacy Concerns, Major Security News & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
58February 7th 2019Major Linux & macOS Malware, VMware Acquisition, 2018 Hard Drive Failure Rates & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
57January 31st 2019DNS Flag Day, Last Free Version Of Java Released, Potential Intel Acquisition & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
56January 24th 2019IGEL Disrupt Highlights, Nutanix VMware Squabble, Cisco Switch Flaw & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
55January 18th 2019Massive Data Breach, Office x86 vs x64 Performance Analysis, Jerks in Tech & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
54January 12th 2019Windows Updates Cause NTLM and KMS Issues, GitHub Free Private Repositories & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
53January 5th 20191 Year Anniversary Special, OS Market Share, Office to Default to x64l & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
52December 27th 2018IE Zero Day Emergency Patch Consequences, MacOS Malware, New Office App & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
51December 20th 2018IE Zero Day Emergency Patch, Windows Sandbox, New ThinScale Product & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
50December 13th 2018Imposter Chrome Extension Exposed, Windows 10 Fixes, Citrix v7 1811 & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
49December 6th 2018Edge Rebuild w/ Chromium, Microsoft Passes Apple, ShareFile Password Reset & More ViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
48November 29th 2018AWS Reinvent & HPE Discover Highlights, Flash Zero Day, MFA Down Again & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
47November 21st 2018Microsoft Acquires FSLogix, Intel 9th Gen I9 To Solve Spectre and Meltdown?, AWS News & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
46November 15th 2018Citrix Acquires Sapho, Windows 10 v1809 Rollout Resumes, vMotion Anniversary & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
45November 8th 2018VMworld Europe Highlights, Major SSD Encryption Vulnerability, SysInternal for Linux & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
44November 2nd 2018IBM to Acquire Red Hat, AMD Killing 32-bit Drivers, Container Talk & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
43October 25th 2018New Zero Day Exploit, JAMF Azure AD Integration, GitHub Stats & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
42October 18th 2018The Passing of Paul Allen, More Windows 10 v1809 Issues, Epson Crackdown & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
41October 11th 2018Windows 10 1809 Issues, MagicLeap Acquires Computes, NVIDIA GTC Announcements & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
40October 4th 2018Windows Server 2019 GA, Windows 10 v1809 GA, App-V Sequencer Bug, Tech Resume Tips & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
39September 27th 2018Microsoft Ignite 2018 Highlights, Citrix News, WebEx Outage & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
38September 20th 2018Microsoft Managed Desktop, Azure Cosmos DB On-Prem, Cloudflare Onion Service & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
37September 14th 2018Azure and Office 365 Disruption Update, VMTools Bug, Datrium Funding, Cool AD Query Trick & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
36September 7th 2018Azure & Office 365 Service Disruption, HUGE Win10 Announcements, Citrix Updates, Many Bugs & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
35August 31st 2018VMWorld Highlights, Citrix Release, ThinKiosk 5.2, InfoSec News & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
34August 24th 2018L1TF Performance Impact Revealed, NVIDIA News, ADFS Vulnerability & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
33August 18th 2018New Intel Exploits, VMware News, XenApp 7.18 Slowness Issue, TLS 1.3 & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
32August 10th 2018Router Based Crypto-Mining Attack, MSIX Update, Linux Apps On ChromeOS, DEFCON & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
31August 2nd 2018Big Cisco Acquisition, InTune News, HP Bug Bounty, PowerShell Fun & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
30July 27th 2018Highlights from Google Cloud Next, July Patch Issues, MSIX Packaging Tool & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
29July 19th 2018Highlights From Inspire & AWS Summit, Layering, IoT Fun & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
28July 12th 2018More Spectre Woe, Patches Break Exchange XenDesktop 7.18 & Storefront, MSIX & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
27July 7th 2018Chrome Bug, Google Cloud COO Resigns, TMEdit Release, REGEDIT Enhancement & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
26June 28th 2018Azure AD MFA Policy, RDmi Info, Splunk Acquisition, App Layering Bake-Off & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
25June 21st 2018HPE Discover, Nvidia + Kubernetes, Computes Consensus Protocol, GPU Analysis & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
24June 14th 2018ControlUp 7.2, New Office UI, Docker Hub Security Issue, Growing the Podcast & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
23June 9th 2018macOS Mojave, XenApp & XenDesktop 7.18, Free Tech Conference for Women & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
22June 3rd 2018VMware Horizon 7.5, XenServer 7.5, GDPR Results & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
21May 25th 2018GDPR Goes Live, VPNFilter Malware, VMware Okta Partnership & More ViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
20May 18th 2018VMware Workspace One Send, SCCM Metrics, MalwareTech Update & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
19May 11th 2018Special Extended Episode - Microsoft Build, Nutanix .Next & Citrix Synergy AnnouncementsViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
18May 4th 2018Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Cisco Acquire Accompany, FSLogix Cloud Cache & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
17April 28th 2018Citrix Sues WorkSpot, Azure IoT IOS Support, IGEL UD7, Win10 Lean & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
16April 22nd 2018vSphere 6.7, Satan Ransomware, RDS HTML5 Client, Master's Retreat & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
15April 14th 2018Self Destructing Email, Windows Admin Center, 64-bit Apps on ARM & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
14Apr 7th 2018Up and Down Week for Microsoft Cloud, Cloudfare DNS Resolver, PowerShell Fun & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
13Mar 31st 2018Nvidia Announcements, Teams MSI, WannaCry, Brian Madden Returns & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
12Mar 24th 2018Server 2019 Preview, RDP Attack, SetACL Anniversary, Gopher Merch & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
11Mar 17th 2018Patch Tuesday Warnings, macOS app QA Hiccup, Sophos Update Citrix VDA Issue & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
10Mar 20th 2018Lots of Big News from Microsoft, HP Healthcare PCs , Numecent ISV Offering & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
9Mar 2nd 2018Meltdown And Spectre Ending?, Microsoft Privacy Case, VMware Dell Merger & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
8Feb 23rd 2018Meltdown and Spectre Update, Horizon Cloud on Azure Beta, Decentralised Web & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
7Feb 17th 2018Skype Bug, GPO SYSVOL Fix, Citrix Acquire Cedexis, App-V Patches & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
6Feb 10th 2018Cisco ASA Vulnerability, Wordpress Bug, ExtraHop & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
5Feb 3rd 2018Spectre Headaches, Flash ZeroDay, Windows/Office Support, Office 2019 & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
4Jan 27th 2018January Windows Updates Break GPO + SYSVOL, New HP Laptop Security Feature, Azure Pricing, Computes Beta & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
3Jan 20th 2018Spectre and Meltdown Update, Apple Text Bomb Bug, Windows 10 v1709 Woes, Citrix Rebranding & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
2Jan 13th 2018PowerShell Core 6.0, Citrix Summit, Citrix App Layering 4.8 & MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks
1Jan 6th 2018Spectre and Meltdown Noise, Computes Launch, Windows Cointainer for Mac, VMware Horizon 7.4 Goes GA, Numecent a Citrix Ready Partner and MoreViewLaunchPlayStreamLoadGoTuneInLinks


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