5 Bytes Podcast Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Introducing the 5 Bytes Podcast

I am happy to announce I have started a new Podcast called 5 Bytes Podcast. Our community is very lucky to already have some great podcasts out there, such as Frontline Chatter, The Jody and Steve Show, The EUC Podcast series and Ask Eric Series. Frontline Chatter nail the interview format. The Jody and Steve Show is a great, informative discussion format, EUC Podcast used a panel discussion format and Ask Eric answered questions from the community.

I have aimed to make this podcast something different. As the name may suggest, I’d like to keep this podcast small. I will do this by keeping episodes about 5-7 minutes in length or even under 5 minutes if possible. The format is as follows:

  1. IT News Roundup – I talk about a couple of big stories in our industry and briefly mention other recent developments.
  2. Hot Jobs – I highlight job postings that may be of interest.
  3. Scripts, Tips & Tricks – I highlight a community tool, script, resource or possibly accomplishment of somebody in the community.

A complete episode guide can be found HERE.


There is also an RSS Feed.

If you’d like to provide feedback, please contact me on Twitter.

Links mentioned in the first episode are as follows:

Hot Jobs:
Zerto Jobs

Scripts, Tricks & Tips

Thanks to Simon for the featured picture on this post and on my Soundcloud channel

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