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Episode: 263

A Recap of the Big Stories of 2022!

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I recap some of the big stories and trends in enterprise IT from the last year.

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Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Ctrl + Shift + C in Windows 11 for copy as path
Using a grid view for the clock in Windows to get a world clock
Set alternative clocks
Use PowerToys to batch rename files
Ctrl + Shift + T will reopen a tab in Edge if you accidentally closed one
WIN + SHIFT + Left/Right will move a window between monitors
Ping Castle AD Audit
Ping Castle Sample Report
Patching Mail Group
Reconstructing PowerShell Scripts from Event Logs
Get Current Windows 10 Patch Level with PowerShell
Remote Access Solution Utilization Trends with COVID
Guy’s Cmdlet for Finding and Installing Azure Modules
Guy’s Working Set Trimmer Script
How to Write PowerShell Functions
Maurice Blog on Log Analytics
Writing Reusable Terraform Modules
Free Terraform Course
Jim Moyle’s AVD Automation Video Series
James Kindon Azure OS Disk for Ephemeral Disk Guide
My RPA Demo for Creating Cloud PC Custom Image
Mike Streetz Citrix Optimizations Webinar
Toast Notification Example
Hosting Your Own Private WinGet Repo
AADJ or Not?
10 Things to Know About HAADJ with Intune
Force AAD Dynamic Group Recalculation

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Patch Problems:

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