App-V 5.x Client

By Rory Monaghan


The App-V Client in 5.x has had a complete overhaul. It’s been made to look like the modern Windows tile UI. There was a rumor going around that Windows 8 may even ship with the client on it, it turned out it was added to Windows 10!

If you would like to view the new UI, you will need to add and publish the publicly available App-V package for this:

Download the package and then use PowerShell to add and publish e.g. add-appvclientpackage <fullpathtoappvfile> | publish-appvclientpackage -global (You will need to ensure you import the appv module first)

You can see in the screenshot below there are now options to: enable Auto Updates for the client, Download all applications from the server and also an option for a publishing refresh. There’s also the three tabs now: Packages being the applications currently cached on the client machine and Connection Groups being the applications grouped together in a Connection Group (similar to Dynamic Suiting Composition in 4.x) .







The applications now look completely different with the option to repair the user state which I guess is more intuitive and consolidated than how we previously would have repaired a broken App-V application cache.




You might also notice that there’s no longer references to the legacy software Softgrid as the App-V Client registry is now under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\APPV. The Service has been renamed to be more clear “Microsoft App-V Client“. You’ll notice also that the Client appears to have three processes running. I don’t know for sure what each is doing but I believe AppVClient is the main client process, AppVStreamingUX is for publishing and streaming, whilst AppvShNotify is for notifications and some integrations.

Short and sweet on this one because it’s too new for me to give any more detail. I look forward to finding out more and sharing this with you all.

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