App-V 5.0 Sequencer Issue when saving appications

By Rory Monaghan



When sequencing with App-V Sequencer version 5.0 you may receive the error: “An error was encountered while trying to finalize the package. Please check the event log for more details.” I got this issue because I’m a maverick 🙂 No, really it’s because I assumed I knew how to setup the sequencer and didn’t look at the requirements. I installed .Net Framework 4.0, Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 and thought that would be enough. WRONG.

In this version of App-V Sequencer you require the following Windows Update: KB2533623

The event log stated the issue could be caused by long file name or a permissions issue. WRONG! At least in this case.

You can find this Here

In fairness to Microsoft this version is still in Beta. It would be nice if they could rollup the update with the setup.exe for the full release.

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