App-V 5.1 Full Infrastructure Setup - Management Server - Part 3

In part 2, we created our AppVManagement database. We are now ready to install the App-V Management server which will host our App-V Management Console used for adding applications, assigning to users, publishing, unpublishing, managing connection groups and more.

Since we already created the database, this install is very straight forward.

Launch the MDOP install.

Explore the install media.














Under App-V-->App-V 5.1--> Server launch appv_server_setup.exe with run as administrator.

Click Install

Click I accept the license terms. and then click Next >

Check the Management Server the checkbox and click Next >

Enter whatever install path you want and click Next >

Click 'User a remote SQL Server' and 'Use a custom instance'. Enter the SQL Server name and instance configured in part 2 and click Next >

Enter the AppVAdmins group we created in part 1 and enter the port as 8080 and click Next >

Click Install

At this point, if you have installed Silverlight as in part 1 click on the Hyperlink and click Close.

If you are a member of the AppVAdmins group you should have access. Now, repeat these steps on your other Management Server.

Continue to part 4.


Rory Monaghan

Microsoft MVP,  Citrix CTP,  VMware EUC Champion & vExpert.