App-V 5.1 Full Infrastructure Setup – Publishing Servers – Part 4

By Rory Monaghan


In part 3, we setup our Management Servers, now we need to setup our Publishing Servers.

Go to your MDOP Install Media

Explore the media

Navigate to App-V–>App-V 5.1–>Server and launch appv_server_setup.exe with run as administrator.

Click Install

Click I accept the license terms. and then click Next >

Check the Publishing Server checkbox and then click Next >

Enter the URL for the App-V Management web service and provide a port for the Publishing Service, then click Next >

Click Install

Install has completed. Click Close.

Modify the PUBLISHING_MGT_SERVER_REFRESH_INTERVAL to an interval that suits your environment. This determines how often the web services can refresh and pull new or changed packages and their settings. You may want to set this very low at first to test to ensure everything is working. I have set this to 90 seconds so if a client refreshes, it won’t be able to refresh and get new packages for another 90 seconds.

In order for this setting change to work. RESET IIS.

At this point, repeat the above steps for all other publishing servers.

Go to the App-V Management Console –> Servers and click Register New Server.

Check and find your App-V Publishing Server and add a Description then click Add.


Repeat these steps for all of your Publishing Servers

Continue to part 5, validating the infrastructure

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