App-V 5.1 Full Infrastructure Setup – Validate Management and Publishing Servers – Part 5

By Rory Monaghan


With our publishing servers setup in part 4, we are ready to validate before configuring our load balancing. There’s no sense load balancing if some of your publishing servers are duds.

Before configuring load balancing, we will want to test that our setup is valid.

Install the App-V 5.1 client on a VM accepting all defaults during the install.

On the App-V client machine execute the PowerShell cmdlet:

Add-AppVPublishingServer -Name “App-V Publishing Server 01” -URL

If you would like you can add the other App-V Publishing Servers too or try one after the other by using Remove-AppVPublishing once testing has been successful.

Go back to the App-V Management Console, add, assign and publish some sequencing App-V applications.

Back on the client machine, run the cmdlet Sync-AppVPublishingServer 1

Shortcuts for your applications should appear.

Applications should also launch and function. At this point you should unpublish the applications in the Management Console and run the sync cmdlet. Validate that the shortcuts for the apps get removed.

You can validate each Publishing Server by adding each and testing or if you already added all of them perform your sync cmdlet with each corresponding Publishing Server id e.g. 2,3 and 4.

Continue to part 6 to configure load balancing.

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