App-V Recipe: FileZilla

Application Name: FileZillaimages-3

Application Version: 3.8.0

Download: FileZilla Client

Install Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client

Sequencing OS used: Windows 7 64-bit

Sequencer Version: 5.0 SP2 Hotfix 4

Exclusions Added: N/A

Preparing the Sequencing VM

Extract the MSI from FileZilla_3.8.0_win32-setup.exe and place it on the  VM (Thanks to Roel for the comment, I didn’t even notice the menu missing!)

Begin Sequencing

Launch Sequencer and Click Next until you get to the below screen



Click Next >



Enter an Application Name that meets your naming standards. Enter a Primary Application Virtualization Directory. I have entered C:\Dummy. Click Next >



Launch the FileZilla MSI and Click ‘I Agree’



Click ‘Anyone who uses this computer (all users) and Click Next >



Click Next >



Leave as Default and Click Next >



Leave as Default and Click Next >



Uncheck the ‘Start FileZilla now’ checkbox and Click Finish



Browse to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client\docs. Rename the fzdefaults.example.xml file to fzdefaults.xml and choose to Edit with Notepad



Modify the Update Check as shown above to ensure Automatic Updates are disabled and save your changes to the file.










Check the Checkbox for ‘I am finished Installing.” and Click Next >



Do not launch the application. Click Next >



Click Next >



Click ‘Stop Now’ and Click Next >



Click ‘Continue to modify package without saving using the package editor’ and Click Next >



Click Close



On the Properties tab you can enter a description. I find it’s always useful to enter who sequenced the application here.



Ensure the checkbox to allow applications to write to the VFS is checked under the Advanced tab.

Now just go to File and Save As and save the application to a folder on your Content Share.

Note: If you use an User Environment Virtualization tool such as AppSense, RES or UE-V. You may want to ensure the the FileZilla folder created on first launch in the AppData Roaming folder persists across your environment.

Also the Automatic Update disable configuration worked in previous version. I have not been prompted to update in the last few months but can’t be sure it’s working correctly. In the very least it shouldn’t automatically update but not sure about a prompt.


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