App-V Recipe: FreeMind 1.0.1


Application Name: FreeMind

Application Version: 1.0.1

Download: FreeMind

Install Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeMind

Sequencing OS used: Windows 7 64-bit

Sequencer Version: 5.0 SP2 Hotfix 4

Exclusions Added: [{Profile}]

Preparing the Sequencing VM

This application requires Java as a pre-requisite. I ensured the latest version of Java was installed on my sequencing Virtual Machine. I then launched the Sequencer and navigated to Tools–>Options and Added [{Profile}] to the Exclusion list. You only need to add this to the exclusion list, if you plan on launching the application to optimize for streaming or if you would like to launch and configure any additional settings from within he application e.g. configure proxy settings.

Copy FreeMind-Windows-Installer-1.0.1-max.msi to the VM

Begin Sequencing

Launch Sequencer and Click Next until you get to the below screen


Personally I always select a custom install. This application is just a single MSI so you can browse to the MSI if you please. Click Next


Enter a Package Name that adheres to your naming standards. Set the Primary Virtual Application Directory to C:\Dummy


Launch FreeMind-Windows-Installer-1.0.1-max.msi


Choose your language and click OK


Click Next >


Click ‘I accept the agreement’ and Click Next>


Click Next >


Leave Default Install Directory and Click Next >


Click Next >


Personally, I unchecked the top 2. I’m not a fan of Desktop Icons or Quick Launch Icons. .mm is an obscure File Type Association so I did leave this checked. But you can feel free to leave all of these checked if you’d prefer. Click Next >


Click Install


Click Next >


Click Finish

Note: If you need to set up a proxy within the application you can check the box to launch. Allow the application to launch. Go to Tools–>Preferences and setup your proxy and then exit the application.


Click Next >


Click Next >


Click Stop now and Click Next >


Click ‘Continue to modify package without saving using the package editor.’ and Click Next >


Click Close


You can enter in your description or change your Package Name if you’d like. Restrict the application to only be permitted to work on certain Operating Systems. None of this is necessary. You will want to go to the Advanced tab and check the last checkbox to allow the application to write to the VFS, if this is not already set in your template. Now Browse to Virtual Files.


Delete the Unins000.dat and Unins000.exe


Browse to Shortcuts and FTAs tab. Right Click on FreeMind and Click Edit. You will need to change the icon. Browse to another file in the package. This will change the icon…then Change the Icon back to the Freemind.exe. This application seems to have an issue as I documented HERE┬áif you change the Icon and Change it back, you’ll notice the Name is wiped out. Retype it in and Click Ok.

You can Now go to File–>Save As and save the package to a folder on your content share e.g. \\AppServer\Content\FreeMind_1.0.1

The Application should now be ready to be deployed however you please. If you have a sequenced version of Java, you can create a Connection Group and allow these two to work together. Otherwise, you’ll need to deploy Java to your client machines before publishing.

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