App-V Recipe: SQL Management Studio 2012

Application Name: SQL Management Studio SQL

Application Version: 2012




For the last couple of years I had a recipe posted for SQL Management Studio 2012. I posted a pretty lengthy detailed post. Upon receiving feedback from people, I had said I would pull the post and try to find time to re-work it. I didn’t have time. I was then asked by a few people who had used the post previously and did get it to work without issue to re-post this recipe, so I did. On the 6th of October, I was made aware of this post in the TechNet Forum:


I had a lengthy post here complete with screenshots on how to sequence SQL Management Studio 2012 but for a short synopsis:

  • Extract the installers from SQL, run the install, they get extracted under a folder on the C:\
  • Install only the Visual Studio runtime components on your Sequencing VM
  • Sequence SQL 2012 by installing the application and selecting only the Basic Management Studio feature
  • Include the Visual Studio runtime components MSI’s in the Scripts folder
  • Script an install for these via a Powershell Script, VBScript, BAT or however you want to. In my example I used a WiseScript.
  • Add your script to execute as a Machine Script within the Add section of your Deployment Config XML.
  • Publish the Application Globally to your Clients

If you would like a simple automated solution for sequencing SQL, please feel free to follow my friend Erik’s post: If you want an even better way of using SQL Management Studio, try

Erik also has a subscription based training service which contains various App-V Sequencing recipes that you can use. I will no longer be posting recipes to my site. I have a big backlog of recipes that I could post but taking screenshots and posting recipes in detail is time consuming. Thanks for supporting my site.



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