App-V Recipes on GitHub

By Rory Monaghan


Hi All,

If you work with App-V, you are almost certainly aware of the great list of community recipes created by Aaron Parker, if you are not, you have been missing out! In February of 2016, Aaron decided to close his account on Delicious due to them showing unsolicited ads, which in effect has ended the upkeep of this list. I reached out to Aaron and with his blessing, I decided to go through the list of recipes, sanitize them and move them to a new platform.

This was quite an undertaking! I decided to separate out the App-V 4.x and App-V 5.x recipes. I also decided to separate out the tips and articles. The real time drain was tracking down some of the recipes. Many of the links were dead! Many bloggers changed the permalinks on their sites, so I needed to find the updated links. In some cases, the site was completely taken down so I need to remove those recipes from the list. Some recipes were duplicates with no discernible difference in the steps.

It was clear when going through this effort that this is too much work for one person! So what I decided to do was take the sanitized list and put it on a private GitHub repo. Anybody who would like to get their recipe linked can do so via GitHub. The beauty of this is that we can get many collaborators. When somebody changes the permalinks on their site, they update the links on this page as a collaborator and issue a pull request. Similarly, if somebody notices an issue with a link, they can also simply update this themselves.

The reason I selected GitHub for this is because I found that some of the recipes linked in the previous list had actually been moved behind a pay wall by a consulting company. They were charging for their recipes! That’s against the sense of community, in my opinion. By having this repo, when a pull request is made, I can ensure only valid recipes make the list, I can also ensure there’s no duplicates, that the formatting of the site doesn’t get jacked up and I will also do my best to ensure the list stays in alphabetical order!

The list of App-V 5.x recipes is available here: App-V 5.x Recipe GitHub Page

Updated: The list of App-V 4.x recipes is available here: App-V 4.x Recipe GitHub Page

If you would like to contribute but are not familiar with GitHub, hit me up on Twitter. If there’s enough demand, I can throw together a how to.

Also, if you would like to see a similar setup for the App-V 4.x recipes, let me know!




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