App-V Training

By Rory Monaghan


I’ve been approached a couple of times about App-V training by people based in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve also been asked about training after presenting at some conferences over the last year. I thought this might be a good platform to provide some information for those of you seeking a little info about the training that’s out there and available.

Like with many other technologies, you can obviously teach yourself and pick things up online. Personally, If I seek out to learn something, I’d rather do. Preferably with somebody that knows what they are doing in the room with me, so I can bounce things off of them and get them to give me a lead. IF you would like to pursue online training (which many people likely would due to budget restrictions or even those that feel they learn effectively online) then check these resources out:


Microsoft Virtual Academy Application Virtualization Deep Dive is a great free resource which walks you through pretty much every facet of App-V, mainly through tutorial types of videos lead by ‘The Gladiator’ Steve Thomas and my fellow Irishman, Ronnie Dockery . I really love the MVA site, it’s an awesome resource, it’s how I got to grips with the differences between SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012. Even if you go for an in person training, I’d suggest taking a look here. is also a really great online resource with lead video tutorials. Something which is really great here is the newsletter, the awesome webinars you get subscribed too and the fact you get several different App-V recipes available each month. I actually helped contribute some of those recipes. If you’re not familiar with App-V recipes, these are detailed step by step guides on how to sequence a specific application.

There’s also many bits and pieces around the web from various bloggers including myself. There’s a great thread on Technet with some of the heavy hitting topics covered HERE, there’s also a great community feed of App-V recipes HERE

Instructor Lead

TMUrgent App-V Training Classes, I believe is the original instructor lead App-V training . It’s provided by Tim Mangan who is one of the leading figures in the App-V community, he’s published some awesome App-V books and is a constant source of some really great and detailed research white paper around App-V. Tim is based in the US and provides Public training classes quarterly, which individuals can sign up for. There’s also the option to book Tim for private training classes on site. Or a Semi-Private event if you’re  reseller that wants to get training to provide to customers or individuals.

Virtual Vibes Training is an instructor lead training which is available in the EU. This is lead by Thamim Karim who worked for Microsoft as part of the App-V team. Thamim has been one of the strongest contributors when it comes to App-V, he’s presented at large conferences and worked with the App-V User Group in the UK.

Avance is a startup based in the Netherlands. They also provide intstructor lead App-V training in the EU, lead by Alex Sweserijnen. Alex has presented in multiple different countries in the EU, so far and also has the advantage of being bi-lingual. He can teach classes in English or Dutch.

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