Recently I posted a comprehensive blog post on the Algiz Technology site to accompany my Appvirt Decision Matrix. The post covers my efforts to test 20 applications as application layers delivered with the most widely used application layering products on the market.

I tested applications which featured COM+ Components Services, DCOM Components, Boot Time Services, Drivers, User Based Installs and more. I also tested each delivered real time vs at login or startup or in the case of Citrix App Layering as part of the Published Layered Image. The post shows the results for each app in each scenario and contains info on why you might choose one of these products over the other.

Along with this, I also worked with Bas van Kaam on creating a new WhatMatrix for these layering products. I hope you enjoy!




Rory Monaghan

Microsoft MVP,  Citrix CTP,  VMware EUC Champion & vExpert.