Application Virtualization Smackdown Evolved

By Rory Monaghan


Some of you may have noticed we finished out the year 2017 without a release of the Application Virtualization Smackdown. This was intentional as we re-imagined the Smackdown.

We added CloudHouse to the Feature Matrix. We also added Thamim Karim and Kris Smith to our AppVirt Guru team. As the team has expanded, we found it the perfect time to rebrand AppVirt Guru too, giving the site a slicker layout.

The biggest change, however, is the fact we have teamed up with WhatMatrix, the leading platform for Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Hyper-Converged and Datacenter Management product comparisons. Along with our application virtualization feature matrix being adopted into the WhatMatrix comparison platform, they have also added GPUs and Universal Device Management, making WhatMatrix the leading platform for End-User Computing product comparisons!


Now, in addition to the previous informative Smackdown document, there’s an easy to use web edition which allows you to side by side compare the products you care about.

For example, I can compare Cloudpaging with App-V 5.0 or if I’m about to migrate from XenApp to App-V 5.0, I can see what I gain and what I lose.

All vendors from previous Smackdown editions are included: Cameyo, Citrix (XenApp Streaming), Microsoft (App-v 4.6 and 5.1), Symantec (Workspace Virtualization), and VMware (ThinApp). With Cloudhouse being a new edition. We have added several new features and removed some which were no longer relevant. Through the hard work of the team, the feature descriptions and categories also got a facelift. The WhatMatrix platform will allow us to add and change features as we see fit, there will be no need to wait for next year’s edition like in the past. We are all very excited about this and we hope you will be.

WhatMatrix will be adding new functionality in the near future too, so keep your eyes peeled for that. There promises to be some which will make the data we have compiled for the Smackdown much more powerful than ever.

To try out the Application Virtualization product comparison on WhatMatrix click HERE

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