Arizona Time Setting

By Rory Monaghan


Here’s one we (My old friend Louie Meraz and I) discovered that is completely unique to our locale. As some of you may know and others may not. The fine state of Arizona does not recognize any daylight savings time. So the clocks do not change at any time of the year. The only other state that also does this is Hawaii. This actually presented as an issue for us during our image creation. We were attempting to set the time and date setting through an answer file but Arizona does not actually exist as an option for this. If you would like to set the time for Arizona you must instead set US Mountain Standard Time and select to DisableAutoDaylightTimeSet:


You can also set it programmatically by running the following command:

tzutil.exe /s “US Mountain Standard Time_dstoff”

It’s pretty interesting. Arizona appears in the drop down list as below but if you look at the TimeZone via the command line it actually appears as US Mountain Standard Time. Well maybe it’s not that interesting, I found it interesting, screw you.

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