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Episode: 302

AVD Classic to be Retired! libwebp Vulnerability Update! Google Discontinues Another Product!

On this week’s episode I cover details shared by Satya Nadella during his testimony in Google’s antitrust case, I dive into the Google Chromebook Plus announcement and the AVD Classic retirement date plus much more!

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Scripts, Tricks and Tips:

Testing Applications in System Context: A Step-by-Step Guide Using PsExec:


Blue Sky:


Microsoft and Google’s Tug of War for Apple:


Apple May Be Working on Search Engine:


Libwebp Vulnerability Update:


On last week’s episode of the podcast I covered the fact that Google revised one of their previous vulnerability disclosures from 3 weeks ago about a Heap Buffer overflow vulnerability and published a new CVE – CVE-2023-5217 which listed a library used for media compression called libwebp as a vulnerable component without much explanation for the progression that lead to them disclosing 2 separate CVEs.

When I scripted last week’s episode a handful of other applications were identified as vulnerable due to also using this library. I also stated this one has the potential to become like the Log4Shell vulnerability last year that resulted in many vendors issuing patches due to relying on a popular library and wouldn’t ya know it, that is exactly what has happened.

Curated List of Vulnerable Apps:


Microsoft’s libwebp Advisory:


Arm Vulnerabilities Being Exploited in the Wild:


AVD Classic EoL:


Apple Agrees to China’s Regulations of App Store:


Chromebook Plus Announcement:


Cloudflare Could be Leveraged in DDoS Attacks:


Copilot Bugs Identified:


Outlook Issues Resolved:


Tor No Longer Identified as Trojan by Defender:


Google Discontinues Another Product:


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