AWS Reinvent & HPE Discover Highlights, Flash Zero Day, MFA Down Again & More

Episode 48features some of my highlights from AWS Reinvent in Vegas and HPE Discover in Madrid as well as some news on a Flash Zero Day, borked Microsoft patches in November & more

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Hot Job:
GitHub Careers

Scripts, Tricks & Tips
Year of VDI Article

Advanced Install 15.5 Released:
Release Notes

Google Chrome ARM for Windows 10:
NeoWin Article

Rubrik Andes 5.0 Announced:

WilkyIT Office 365 Roaming Product Comparison: Matrix

How to setup Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10:
MSPower Article

LogiTech Platronics Deal Terminated:

Work from Home Study:
Inc Article

The Work From Home Paradox

AWS Reinvent Highlights:

HPE Acquires BlueData:
Press Release

Congrats to ThinScale:

NPM Package Hack:
Twitter Thread

Outlook 2010 Broken with November Patch but is now Patched Again:
Sophos Article

Flash Zero Day:
Sophos Article

Azure MFA Went Down Again:
ZDNet Article


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