Aaron is a top IT professional and invaluable community member who runs the massively popular site which has provided many great App-V recipes, automation scripts and high value content. Aaron contributes to the community a lot and can be seen at various tech conferences. Aaron has helped me a lot by contributing to the App-V Decision Matrix, providing feedback on my conference sessions and more. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Aaron works as a Solutions Architect with Insentra and has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware EUC Champion to name just a few. For more about Aaron, check out his bio.



Andrew Morgan is one of Ireland’s top techies! Now working as a CTO on VMware’s stacked EUC team. Andy has also achieved success with some of the incredible enterprise class products he has developed including ThinKiosk, ThreadLocker and ThinIO. From a personal point of view, Andy has also provided me with guidance throughout my career. I count myself lucky to have gotten to know him over the years. Andrew is also co-founder of the excellent Frontline Chatter podcast.



Bas joined Liquidware in 2017. He has been awarded as a CTA, CTP, Nutanix Technology Champion to name but a few accolades. Not only does Bas post excellent blogs but he has also published many excellent ebooks. He literally wrote the book on Citrix printing. His series of cheat sheets are a must read for all in the IT and EUC space. Bas resides in the Netherlands.



Bram is currently awarded as an MVP, RSVP, vExpert and CTA. I have been fortunate enough to meet Bram multiple times at the MVP Summit. He also provides great feedback and is a wealth of knowledge. Bram also happens to be the creator of my favorite App-V tool, the App-V Scheduler. If you’ve never checked it out, give it a look. There’s a free community edition.



Carl is a CTP based in Kansas. His site fills the gaps in lacking vendor documentation. Carl shares his own runbooks for the latest in Citrix and VMware products. Along with George Spiers site, it’s my go-to when trying to setup something new.



Dr. Tritsch isn’t as active blogging on his site in recent times but is still a very active member of the community contributing through various award programs such as MVP, CTP and NGCA. There are certainties in this life, death, taxes and the fact that if I go to a conference, I WILL meet Dr. Tritch. He’s not only a great and frequent speaker at conferences but he’s also a wealth of knowledge and excellent person to converse with between sessions.



Carl Webster is the f’in man! It’s almost redundant to include him on this list because everybody knows him! He runs his site and is probably best known for his awesome docuemntation scripts which from experience, I know is used by pretty much every consultant to generate their end of project deliverables. The first I actually heard of Carl was in my first job in the US, he was mentioned as the master at AD cleanup and design. Having worked in an envionrment where he came in and did just that, I can vouch for the fact, he’s the AD master! Webster contributes to the community a lot and can be seen at various tech conferences. He also provided me some sage carer advise recently and is not just a great technical mind but a great mentor on a personal level. Based in Tennessee, The Accidental Citrix Admin works as a Solutions Architect with Choice Solutions and has been awarded as a Citrix CTP and Parallels VIPP to name just a few. For more about Carl, check out his bio.



I first virtually met Charbel several years ago on a Skype chat about App-V. It has been great to watch his progress into becoming an MVP. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an MVP Summit a couple of years ago when he resided in the UAE. Recently, Charbel took a new job in Switzerland. For all things Windows Server, Cloud and Datacenter check out Charbel’s blog posts and tweets.



Chloe is a musical theatre actress turned developer evangelist who blogs on Medium at Chloe not only blogs technical content like that around Containers but also blogs very relatable conent around handling travel burnout, grief, as well advocating for fellow female techies. Based in San Francisco, Chloe works as an evangelist for Sentry.



Dan is one of the sharpest fellas in the App-V MVP group. He has posted the definitive guide on how to handle sequencing of JRE and really is a go to for many of the tricky App-V problems you may run into. If you work with App-V, even if you don’t realize it, you have benefited from Dan’s hard work troubleshooting issues, providing product feedback and blogging incredibly detailed fixes for all kinds of problems. Dan resides in the UK.



Dane is one of the great guys in our community. Not only is a very sharp technial guy, he’s also very personable and grounded which has made it no surprise that he’s has been rocking it in his new sales role at Entisys. At his sit He features not only great technical content but also shares on a more personal level too. Based in California, Dane’s tireless work with the community been rewarded with Citrix CTP and VMware EUC Champion status to name just a few. For more about Dane, check out his bio.



Dave is the creator of the excellent free Citrix monitoring tool, which is a perfect companion for Citrix Director. In my opinion, sis blog is one of the most interesting to follow as he’s always working on new tools, features and posting unique content that is really impressive. If you are a Netscaler fan, there’s also plenty of info on his site for you to sink your teeth into. Dave is a very deserving CTP. Daves resides in the UK.



When I originally discovered David’s content online it was around deployments with SCCM. I ended up conversing with him about my efforts to automate Enteo packaging and deployments. It has been amazing to follow as he moved from his home in Germany to Australia and has embraced PowerShell like no one else! I have had the pleasure of being in attendance for multiple conference sessions by David on PowerShell. If you ever get the chance to attend one of his sessions, go for it, you won’t regret it.



David continously posts great articles on his site which you have likely landed on multiple times yourself. I recently features some of his content in a presentation I did at the Citrix Masters Retreat in Prescott, Arizona. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, David works as a Principal Desktop Virtualization Architect with Fujitsu and contributes in the CUGC. For more about David, check out his bio.



Eduardo runs his site where he has provided many great articles on topics such as Application Virtualization, Mobility, Automation Script, Citrix, VMWare, IT news, his own personal experiences and more. Eduardo is a Citrix CTP, Nutanix NTC and VMware EUC Champion. He loves soccer and is a really nice fella!



Esther is one of the go to people in the virtualization community. An awarded CTP and MVP, she has contributed valuable feedback to both the Citrix product groups, as well as the Microsoft RDS product group. Work out of the Netherlands as a Solutions Architect, it was my pleasure to meet Esther for the first time at the annual Global MVP Summit at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, WA in 2018. Be sure to follow Esther on Twitter to stay looped in with updates regarding RDSH based technologies.



George is a current CTP and in fact, may be the youngest person to ever get awarded as a CTP and he is full deserving. His great posts on have some of the best Citrix how to guides on the web. George also shares any bugs he finds and all of the latest info on his Twitter timeline. For more about George, check out his bio.



Helge Klein may very well be the most intelligent person in the community. Awarded as a CTP and MVP, Helge has developed some of the best tools in the industry, including SetACL (the best tool for setting ACLs, bar none!) and DelProf which I still use today. A regular at tech conferences, you may be lucky enough to catch Helge presenting on UberAgent at a tech conference near you. He resides in Germany but seems to travel to around quite a bit speaking at conferences so if he’s in your area, don’t miss out. Go check out his session.



Iris is a wordclass software developer with man an interest in C# but also contributes very useful info on a ranger of other topics like PowerShell at her site I became aware of Irish’s site when working on a DevOps project several years ago, being a C# lightweight I found an article which helped me resolve my problem. Iris has a really inspirational story of working as a dietician when one day deciding to give programming a try. Years later, she’s a Microsoft MVP, has been featured in publications and continues to produce great useful content for the community. Based in Sweden, Iris works as a Software Engineer with a startup. For more about Iris, check out her bio.



Kevin is a top IT professional based in the UK where he run his company HTG, which provides IT consulting services including a unique Virtual CIO and Expert as a Service offering to name but a few of the services on offer. Kevin also contributes to the community via his blog Based in Newcastle, England Kevin has been awarded as a Citrix CTA and VMware vExpert for his many contributions to the community. For more about Kevin, check out his bio.



James is a fellow Irishman and a CTA. Currently working for Zinopy in Dublin, you can check out James’s articles ranging on topics from Cyber Security to Virtualization and more. James has also appeared as a speaker at E2EVC and is a co-leader of the Irish Citrix User Group Community. He’s a Liverpool supporter but don’t hold that against him. James has blogs for Zinopy and has start his own blog at



At the time of posting this, Jarian’s blog is currently down for re-work but that hasn’t stopped him from contributing in the community. As co-founder of the excellent Frontline Chatter podcast, he continues to constantly churn out top drawer content. Jarian has been awarded many industry awards including CTP and VMware EUC Champion. He’s a co-leader of the Kansas Citrix User Group Community and has always been very supportive of me. If you go to tech conferences, you’ll have have undoubtedly seen him as he’s a very active speaker.



Jason is not only an authority when it comes to Citrix NetScaler, he also published content on a range of topics including MFA, security and IOT at his site Jason regularly contributes to the CUGC and can be found speaking at various tech events and on webinars. Based in Houston, Texas, Jason works as a Solution Architect with Alchemy and has been awarded as a Citrix CTP. For more about Jason, check out his bio.



Jessica is another member of Microsoft’s rockstar team of Cloud Advocates. Blogging at her site on a range of topics, mostly notably for me containers and Kubernetes. In previous years, Jessica worked as an IT\Systems Administrator. As stated, Jessica now works for Microsoft but before joining as an employee, she was a Microsoft MVP for 4 years. For more about Jessica, check out her bio.



Jessie is the self described Keyser Söze of containers. Now with Microsoft, Jessie has joined what has become a stacked cloud dream team. I am thick as two short planks when it comes to Linux but I have found Jessie’s conference sessions on Docker containers to be the most valuable out there. If you are curious about Docker containers, Kubernetes are basically any of the bleeding edge container products on the market, you’ll want to follow Jessie.



Kees is a wealth of knowledge on so many different technologies. When I started following Kees online he was working on migration projects. Today he works as a Senior Architect for the Performance and Solutions Engineering R&D team at Nutanix Inc. Much of Kees blog posts these days center on Nutanix and integration with other products but he still also contributes with post on different technologies. You can also catch Kees on the excellent Frontline Chatter podcast from time to time. Kees resides in the Netherlands.



Kevin is part of a superstar team of bloggers at I know him best from the App-V MVP group and his various contributions to the App-V community. More recently, he has been sharing his expertise on Windows 10 deployments and particularly inTune and MDM in general, which is a huge area of interest for most organizations in this day and age. Kevin is an MVP and is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences. Kevin resides in Alberta, Canada.



Liz blogs at on containers and dsitributed systems. Liz has a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked in consultancy and at multiple startups. Based in the UK, Liz now works for Aqua Security. To read more about Liz, check out her bio.



Melissa aka vmiss is an author at, and has released a book titledIT Architect Series: The Journey. Melissa is a Cisco Champion, VMware vExpert and is on the NetApp A Team. Working as a Product Strategist for Veaam, she posts really great content on VMware vSphere and VM Security among a host of different topics.



If you have ever searched for SCCM and inTune content online, you have almost certainly come across windows-noob. It’s pretty much the holy grail all things Windows!  Niall has not only produced invaluable content for the community but he also created a platform on which the community has become very engaged, not only through his web portal but also via social media such as his Facebook group. Check that out today! Niall is a fellow Irishman who now resides in beautiful Sweden.



When I first started to become active in the App-V community, Nicke was one of the most prominent figures. I was fortunate enough to be part of the App-V MVP group with him for several years and got to learn from him directly. We have also happened to cross some of the same paths during our careers. Nicke is one of the best IT Pros to follow on Twitter as he tends tweet top content from himself, as well as retweeting very valuable content from others in the community. Nicke pulls no punches and always tells it like it is. If you want great info without a touch of marketing fluff, you’ll want to follow Nicke.



Patrick is a current CTP. He actually joined the CTP Program in 2018 with me! His site contains some excellent content on Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and VMware Horizon VDI and in particular security focused on these. I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick at Citrix Synergy in Anaheim where he was a rockstar, contributing throughout the week at table talks and just being awesome! Patrick is a very active member of the CUGC community. Based in Tenessee, he is also a MoonPie distributor 🙂



Paul has been producing some of the best SCCM, InTune and Windows content for several years now. An awarded MVP, Paul contributes to his local user groups and volunteers at his local coder DoJo. Working in London as an SCCM Consultant, he’s always busy with new projects but has been very giving of his time to me whenever I have reached out to ask a dumb SCCM sizing or design question.



Phoummala aka the Exchange Goddess is an author at and in the past at amongst various different outlets. Phoummala can be found speaking as many different events like tech conferences, user groups and on panels. For more about Phoummala, check out her bio.



Rachel worked for Citrix with a focus on graphics virtualization. You can read a lot about graphic virtualization such as HDX and the NVIDIA Grid Browser on her site I currently live in Arizona, I moved here from Ireland. I was excited to learn that Rachel lived in Tuscon for some time while doing some work at the observatory down there. Our shared interests and opinions span more than just technology. Based in the UK, Rachel works as a Product Manager. For more about Rachel, check out his bio.



Ruben has contributed blog posts via in the past but doesn’t post many blogs these days. He is still very active in the community. In fact, I worked with Ruben this past year on moving the Application Virtualization Smackdown community whitepaper to WhatMatrix. Ruben continues to be active on the conference scene. Residing in the Netherland, Ruben currently works as Field CTO for Frame.



Ryan is an MVP and vExpert who is a very active blogger on a range of different topics. I have met Ryan on multiple occasions at the MVP Summit. Ryan’s blog strikes a great balance between technical deep dives and opinion pieces. Ryan has also created some pretty cool tools that are freely available on his site including a tool for getting your App-V publishing times and even a cool Twitter plugin for WordPress.



Sean is pretty much an authority when it comes to VMware Horizon. In my time was a VMware EUC Champion most of my questions on our Slack channel have been answered by him! You can find great content on VMware Horizon at this site Based in Wisconsin, Sean works as a Consultant for a Chicago based employer. For more about Sean, check out his bio.



Steve Thomas is appropriately nicknamed ‘The Gladiator’ at Microsoft. Previously an App-V PFE, Steve produced some of the best in depth blog posts on App-V via Technet, has provided many answers on the forums and the best App-V troubleshooting video courtesy of his Channel9 appearance a few years ago. Now focusing more on other products, Steve still continues to contribute very valuable information.



Thamim was previously part of Microsoft’s App-V team. During his time with Microsoft, Tham posted some awesome blog posts and in my opinion, the best explanation on connection groups out there. Tham continues to share his App-V knowledge through App-V training courses. Check out his site for more info.



Theresa was one the authors on Which featured articles on a range of different technical topics. Based in Wisconsin, Theresa works as an evangelist and writer and has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert. For more from Theresa, check out podcast HERE.



Known in the community as the Godfather of App-V. Tim was on the original Softricity team before Microsoft purchased them and re-branded it as App-V. The Godfather is the most knowledgeable person in the community when it comes to App-V. Awarded as both an MVP and CTP, you can catch Tim at various tech conferences throughout the year, as well as at one of his awesome training events if you’re lucky enough to sign up when he’s in your area. Tim has published multiple books and produces the best free App-V tools in the world. Tim resides in Massachusetts.



Thomas is a current Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP, VMware EUC Champion and Parallells VIPP. Thomas is also currently an NVIDIA Grid Community Advisor. His site features some of the latest news in the EUC and enterprise IT space. Thomas stays out on the bleeding edge with a keen focus on GPU, Machine Learning, VR and AI. Find out more about Thomas by reading his bio.



Trentent is a current Microsoft MVP. His great consistently features great new in depth content. At the time of this posting, his recent articles on Spectre and Meltdown performance analysis and GPO performance analysis have proven very popular and are the most comprehensive of their kind on the web. Trentent is based in Alberta, Canada. For more about Trentent, check out his bio.



Eirik runs the massively popular site which has provided many great App-V recipes (I had the pleasure of collaborating with Eirik for some of these), automation tools, online training and high value content. The Automation Framework is a must have! Based in Brasil, Eirik is a Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware EUC Champion to name just a few. For more about Eirik, check out his bio.