Cameyo Player Android App

By Rory Monaghan


Hey All,

This blog post is a little different. Cameyo, a company that I really admire recently released an Android app for their already great service. It’s pretty early stages and they are asking for peoples help. They would like feedback. You don’t have to be a techie to try this out and help them.If you’d like to read more about Cameyo from a previous blog post, click HERE


Just download the appl on your Android Smartphone from HERE or if you’d prefer go to the Google Play app and search for Cameyo Player, download and install.



Once it’s downloaded. Launch into the application.



You can select to Register an account to create your login. Once you’ve got your login you can enter your credentials and hit Log in



Right away, you’ll see there’s a long list of application, readily available. These are windows applications, not Android apps. When you launch one, it will launch the Windows application in a virtual session on your phone but it will be somewhat seamless to you.



When the Application launches, it appears in a minimized window. Personally, I’d prefer that it launched maximized but that’s something which I’m sure can be addressed and is feedback I intend to provide. You can select to maximize the application.



Once the app is maximized you’re in business. You can use your application just as if it’s an Android app, you can gesture on the screen to zoom in. The controls can all be controlled using the touchscreen. If you want to use a keyboard, you can press the home button on your phone and launch the keyboard.



In this particular application, I could select the pencil and draw on the screen. I wonder if it’s fluidity would depend on the phone.



If you enter the side menu and enter My Apps



Press on Add your own app



This is a pretty cool feature, you can paste in a URL for a vendors msi installer file and it will be packaged automagically and placed in your MyApps folder.


This is very early days, as I said. I decided to give the app 4 starts because it works. Many of the Windows applications don’t work great but it’s not through any fault of Cameyo. It’s just the fact the applications were not designed to work on such a small screen. This could be great if there was also a re-factoring tool, to allow the optimization of these applications for use on a phone. Even without re-factoring, there’s some applications which may be good candidates to be delivered through Cameyo right now for ease of access. HTML 5 is really starting to be used for some cool, cool stuff. I can’t wait to see how this app evolves over time!

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