Citrix HDX Engine Has Stopped Working

By Rory Monaghan


The Citrix HDX Engine has stopped working error has popped up from time to time throughout various versions of the Citrix Receiver.


If you encounter this error, here is how to fix it.

Credit to my colleague, Brian Stevens for sharing this info.


Make note of all printers.


Navigate to the Application logs in Event Viewer. Look for errors. When you find an error, check out the faulting module path. As above, you may see path to a dll in a drivers directory.


Find the dll and rename it to .old or whatever you like.

Navigate back to printers and delete the default printer. When complete, reboot the machine.

After rebooting, re-add\install the printer.


You will now see that the .dll was re-created. The printer can now be used without errors.

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