Dealing with App-V Limitations: DCOM

By Rory Monaghan


DCOM is an interesting one! If you sequence an application with DCOM requirements the App-V sequencer will warn you about this BUT in my experience the warnings seem to be a false flag. In every single case, when I tested the application in question it has worked! In fact, if you try to sequence the Microsoft DCOM Sample application (found HERE) , it actually works just fine. Now, I did have issues with DCOM with App-V 4.5 and Softgrid an interesting side note, more recently I had an application with DCOM issues in VMWare ThinApp 4.7.3, I tried it in App-V 4.6 SP2 and it worked without issue. I’m not sure if the App-V team knowingly or unknowingly fixed DCOM in App-V but have not changed the sequencer diagnostics yet but from my own experience, DCOM does not seem to be an issue for App-V.

I’m not the authority on this. So, if you get that warning my suggestion is to thoroughly test to ensure there’s no problems.




As per the graph, if your application contains DCOM. You can sequence and test. If there’s a problem, can this be excluded? If so, deliver with App-V and as I’ve said, in my experience it’s most likely that you’ll Sequence, Test and have success. But otherwise, go ahead and deploy that sucker locally or via RDS\XenApp

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