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Episode 100 – MSIX AppAttach Preview, Office 365 Outage, Ransomware Warning & More

This week’s episode is the 100th episode of the podcast! Thank you so much for listening each week. It’s business as usual with lots of news, including information on the launch of the MSIX AppAttach preview, details on a recent Office 365 outage and it’s cause, warnings of a new wave of ransomware, some FSLogix performance improvements and much more!

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Weekly Webinar:
Windows Defender ATP Ignite Sessions List

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Patrick Coble’s Tech Target Article
Trentent Tye’s Citrix Article
Johan’s Hydration Kit Setup in Demo Videos
filesystemwatcher PowerShell Script
Remove UWP Apps Script

MSIX AppAttach:
MSIX AppAttach Preview

WVD Poster:

VMware Embracing FSLogix Profile Containers:
VMware TechZone Article

App Volumes 4.0 Beta:
Join Beta

Possible HP Hostile Takeover:
CNBC Article

HP HPE Container Platform:
ZDNet Article

IPv4 Exhausted in Europe:

Google Features Added to Outlook.com:
Verge Article

Ransomware Warning:
TechSpot Article

UberAgent Firefox Action Required:

FSLogix Performance Improvement After Defender Definition Update:
Forum Post

Google Cloud Print Going Bye Bye:

AVG and Avast Users May Need Upgrade to get to Win10 1903 and 1906:
ZDNet Article

VNC Vulnerabilities:
ThreatPost Article

Adobe Acrobat and Reader 2015 EoL:
ZDNet Article

Shodan 10 Year Anniversary:

Office 365 Outage:

Jon Hall’s TSB Bank IT Migration Failure Report:

ThinKiosk WVD Support:

The Facebook Graveyard:

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