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Episode 102 – VPN Vulnerability, Nightmare Service Outage, New IgelOS Features & More

This week’s episode covers a lot of security related news including details of a VPN vulnerability, a Mac malware concocted by North Korean hackers and an absolute nightmare scenario for parents of diabetic kids who fell victim to a serious service outage. This plus plenty of EUC related announcements and MORE!

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Hot Jobs:
Citrix Consultants and Support Specialists Roles with Coffee Cup Solutions in the UK

Weekly Webinar:
Kevin Kaminski and Tim Mangan Chat

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
LSA Security Enhancement Setting
List of PowerShell Tweeters
Guy’s Event Aggregator Script
FSLogix Monitor

RunAsRadio Interview with Jeremy:

Stratusphere FIT Review by Maarten:

Direct Assignment Desktops in WVD:
Microsoft Docs

Update your WVD PowerShell Module:

Windows 7 End of Support Full Window Notification:

Teams for Linux:
Microsoft Docs

Another Bad Week for Avast and AVG:
ZDNet Article

ServiceNow Embraces VSCode:

44 Million Compromised Microsoft Accounts:
Help Net Security Article

Server Outage Nightmare for Parents of Diabetic Children:
New York Times Article

VPN Security Vulnerability:
ZDNet Article

North Korean Mac Malware:
ArsTechnica Article

Accidental Public Zero Day Disclosure:
Register Article

Notepad Won’t Make it to the Windows Store:
ZDNet Article

Citrix Synergy Sale:

IgelOS Update:
New Features

New RD Analyzer Features:
Release Info

Passive Install Update:

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