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Episode 123 – Citrix Hypervisor Vulnerability, ControlUp News, Love Bug 20th Anniversary & More

On this week’s episode I cover a vulnerability in XenServer, I get into details on two significant data leaks plus I cover a really interesting interview with the creator of the Love Bug virus on it’s 20th anniversary, as well as much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Sean’s Script to Check People SPNs for Admin Accounts
Guy’s Script for Investigating App Crashes
Guy’s Script to Check PVS Cache Usage
Jason’s Article for FIDO2 Keys with Citrix HDX USB Redirection and Azure AD
How to Tell Which Apps Are Using Your Web Cam
Migrating Your WVD Workload to Spring Update

Citrix Hypervisor Vulnerability:

ControlUp News:
VMware Partnership for Advanced Monitoring
ScoutBees Goes GA

ThinScale Secure Remote Worker 6.1 Released:
Release Notes

HPE GreenLake Central Generally Available:
ZDNet Article

ICANN Blocks Sale of .org Domain:
TechZine Article

GitHub Open Source Ownership Nomination Feature:
GutHub Article

PSAppDeployToolkit 3.8.2 Released:
Release Notes

App-V Context Menus Fixed in Windows 10:

Power of PVS Hydration:

GO-EUC Goodness (including CVAD 2003 Performance Analysis):
GO-EUC.com Article
New Sponsor – LoadGen

CVAD LTSR 1912 CU1 Released:
Release Notes

Citrix Cloud Studio Outage:

Microsoft Teams for VDI Exclusion List:
Docs Info

Love Bug Virus 20 Year Anniversary:
BBC Article

GoDaddy Security Lapse:
The Register Article

Digital Ocean Security Lapse:
ZDNet Article

VLSC Portal Includes Monthly Updates:
Michael’s Blog

Michael’s Energy Tip:

Inspire Goes Virtual:
WindowsCentral.com Article

Just a Couple of Jerks Podcast:

A Full Podcast Episode Guide:

Episode Guide

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