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Episode 125 – Microsoft BUILD Announcements, Storage Supply Issues, New Microsoft Acquisition & More

On this week’s episode I cover many of the announcements made during the Microsoft BUILD event that was held this week, I get into some of the new security details in Chrome, I talk a little about some new security vulnerability and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
My Citrix Cloud vs Windows Virtual Desktop Blog Post
Wendy’s Blog Post on Vertical Load Balancing
Create a Custom Teams Waiting Screen
ServiceNow Academy
WEM Command To Ensure Environment Ready Before Making CVAD Available
Arcade Make Code – Educational Developing Tutorials and Build
Claudio’s Blog on Using WVD Broker for On-Prem Machines

Microsoft BUILD Announcements:
List of Microsoft Build Announcements from CNBC
Verge Article on Project Reunion
ZDNet Article on Healthcare Vertical for Azure
GUI Linux Apps on WSL
Verge Article on Fluid for Office.com
Windows Terminal Now Available
PowerToys Demo
Sign-Up for Windows Package Manager Insider Group
Winget-pkgs GitHub Repo
Aaron’s Evergreen Module Working with Windows Package Manager
User Voice Post
Bulk Install Tool
Paul Thurrott’s Blog (Dead Link at Time of this Posting)

Microsoft To Open New Data Centre\Azure Region in New Zealand:
Microsoft News

Microsoft Acquires Metaswitch:

Teams Skype Interoperability:
Thurrott.com Article

Outlook to Finally Sync Email Signatures:
Verge Article

Splunk Google Cloud Beta:
ITPro.co.uk Article

New MSIX Hero Release:
Release Notes

Advanced Installer MSIX Ready:
Site Listing Apps

Google Chrome DoH Now Availabel Amongst Many Other New Security Features:
Google Blog

Storage Supply Issues:
Blocks And File’s Article

New Sarwent Virus Variant:
ZDNet Article

Spectra Vulnerability:
ZDNet Article

New ControlUp Metrics in 8.1.5:
Joel’s Post

Ron Oglesby Joins VMware:

A Full Podcast Episode Guide:

Episode Guide

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