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Episode 135 – Ransomware Horror Stories, Edge Crashing, Appventix Launch & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover multiple different stories about Ransomware attacks including the recent disruption caused to Garmin Smart Watch users last weekend. Info on recent updates to WVD, PolicyPak Software, a new managed service from Goliath Technologies and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Weekly Webinar:
ThinScale’s Access Policy Webinar

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
RunAsUser PowerShell Module
Aaron Parker’s VPN Tip
Import GPO into WEM

Ransomware Stories:
ZDNet Article on Garmin Ransomware Attack
Blackbaud Ransomware
Troy Hunt’s Thread About Blackbaud
ZDNet Article on Ransomware Attacks on Sports Organizations

Work From Home Future:
Google’s WFH Extended Into 2021
Inc.com Article on Siemen’s New Work Culture Strategy

Edge Crashes:
Article by The Verge

Intel 7nm Process Node Delayed:
TechZine Article

Appventix Launched:
Release Info

WVD Updates:
What’s New
ScreenShot Showing Multiple Accounts in One Workspace

PolicyPak Software New Features:
Microsoft Teams Settings
RDP Manager
Trigger Scripts

Goliath Technologies New Managed Service:
Release Info

VMware Continuous Beta:

OneNote Poll:

Fantasy Premier League Table:
Top 10 Table

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