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Episode 143 – Microsoft Ignite 2020 Highlights, ZeroLogon Ramping Up & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover my personal highlights from the announcements made during Microsoft’s Ignite 2020 conference, I get into some Ransomware Stories AGAIN! as well as some other stories in the industry plus more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Fantasy NFL Team Name Survey:

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Nutanix Files with FSLogix Container Blog on CitrixIRC.com
Remotely Push Windows Updates with PowerShell by Mick Pletcher
List of Airbus Scripts

ControlUp Feedback Form:

Citrix Survey (Donation to Girls WhO Code):

Lady Dies During Hospital Ransomware Attack:
Article from The Register

Microsoft Ignite 2020 Highlights:
TechCrunch.com Article on Azure Communication Services
WVD Announcements
WVD Power On, On Connect Option
Microsoft Tunnel for Remote Access
Explica Article on Teams Merge Calls Feature
MSPowerUser.com Rundown on Edge Announcements
MSIX Video
MSIX Customer Stories
Engadget.com Article on New Surface Hub Device

Book of News from Ignite 2020

NVIDIA RTX3080 Raided by Bot Service:
PCMag Article

Russian Ransomware Attacks:
ZDNet Article

Shodan Find:

ZeroLogon Update:
CVE-2020-1472 Checker
ZDNet Article

VMware Workstation 16:

Intel NUC Network Adapter Disappeared:

Old TV Knocked Off Broadband for Entire Welsh Village:
BBC Article

Episode Guide:

Episode Guide

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