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Episode 150 – New Macs and macOS, Remote Desktop Manager for Linux & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover a whole lot of third party product patching news, the announcement of a Remote Desktop Manager for Linux, Big Sur arrives for macOS users and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Weekly Webinar:
PolicyPak’s Lockdown Event

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Python vs PowerShell
Teams Performance Tip
James Kindon’s Series on Enhancing Citrix MCS and Azure
James Rankin’s Video on Empowering Users in a Pandemic
Steve Noel’s Morning Healthcheck
Jason Samuel’s Blog on CVAD Authenticators
Ryan Mangan’s CIMFS MSIX App Attach
Remy Kuster’s Post on Google Chrome Update Troubleshooting
BGInfo Update to Include WEM Cache Refresh Time

Deutsche Bank Propose 5% Tax Levy for Work from Home:
Bloomberg Article

New Macs and macOS:
Price Comparison

Cisco Vulnerabilities:
ThreatPost Article

More ESXi Patches:
Dirteam.com Post

Citrix Vulnerabilities:

Sleep Attack Deepdive:
trmm.net Article

Microcode Updates:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Microsoft Engineer Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison:
ArsTechnica Article

Enhanced DNS Features in Azure Firewall:
Azure Announcements

Teams Memory Usage Explained:
Microsoft Docs

New PDQ Releases:
Release Info

Remote Desktop Manager Comes to Linux:

Microsoft Survey for WVD Certification:

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