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Episode 182 – Windows 11 Highlights, Tax Break for Ransomware Victims, RDCMan Returns & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover a lot of highlights from the Windows 11 announcements and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Hot Jobs:
People Operations Manager at HotJar

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
FREE VDI Design Guide eBook
Joel’s Tip for Finding Genuine Transparent Images
Ray’s TPM Tip
Blog on Using Ansible for Updating Nutanix Clusters
Beta of MSIX Forecelets
Beginners Guide to App Locker
Stu’s Guide on Configuring Citrix ADC Gateway AAA\vServer to Authenticate Against AAD Using oAuth
Helge’s ListUserWriteableDirectories Script

Windows 11 Announcement Highlights:
ZDNet Article on Windows 11 Upgrade Frequency
ZDNet Article Showing Windows 11 Hardware Requirements and More
Windows 11 Compatibility Checker
Background Updates
Teams Going in-OS in Windows 11
Amazon App Store with Android Apps in Windows 11
List of Features Deprecated or Removed in Windows 11
Project Reunion Renamed

Passing of John McAfee:
RTE Article

Citrix Service Continuity is GA:

WEM 2106 Update:
Citrix Article

Data Agreement Between the EU and UK:
ZDNet Article

Bizarre Smile Requirement by Employer:
Article from The Verge

Ireland Exploring 4 day Work Week:
Galway Daily News Article

Ransomware Opinion Piece:
ZDNet Article

Tax Break for Ransomware Victims:
APNews Article

Chrome Zero Day:
Forbes Article

Nevergreen Updates:

Evergreen Updates:

RDCMan is Back:
Download Page

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