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Episode 208 – The Latest Updates on Log4j

Back to business as usual with this episode, most of the news is Log4j related but I also talk about Patch Tuesday, a Chrome Zero Day, new AVD and Windows 365 features and more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Festive Tech Calendar Giveaways

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Niall Brady’s Blog on Customized Settings for Region with Autopilot
Hack a Slot Machine Challenge
Peter’s Blog on Defender for Endpoints Setup

Log4j News RoundUp:
Forum on Need to Patch AGAIN
Details on Vulnerability
The Current Threat from the Vulnerability and Info of Ongoing Attacks
Major Ransomware Hit Potentially via Log4j
Report Showing 10k Sites Vulnerable
Warning That Updating Java is NOT a Fix
AWS Hotpatch
Kevin’s Warning That Not All Mitigations Shared are Valid
Cloudflare Protecting Customers
Smart Approach to Patching Vulnerability by Exploiting It!
PowerShell For Searching For Your Weaklinks
Microsoft’s Guidance
IGEL Advisory
Citrix Advisory
VMware Advisory
Cisco Advisory
ControlUp Advisory
Dutch Authorities List of Apps and Status
US Authorities List of Apps and Status
Martin Zugec’s Findings

Chrome Vulnerability:
BleepingComputer.com Article on Chrome Zero Day
Info on How Edge is Impacted

Patch Tuesday News:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Kronos Story:
ZDNet Article

App-V in Windows 11 ADK:

Surface Right to Repair:
WindowsCentral.com Article

LastPass Branched Off:

Windows 365 Business Updates:
Release Info

Trused VMs for AVD:
Release Info

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