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Episode 211 – Y2K22 Strikes, Email Goes Down!

On this episode, I cover the story of the nasty 2022 surprise that caused email to fail as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day. I also talk a little Windows 365, security concerns across various different products and services plus much more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Copy as Path Tip from @JenMsft
Martin’s Windows 365 Custom Image Management Article
Martin’s Blog on Getting Started with Windows 365 and PowerShell
GO-EUC Analysis on CVAD 2112 Performance
Katy’s AVD Series
Katy’s Project Short Link Creator
Stephane’s Guide for Creating Isolated Dedicated Network with Ubiquiti
Michael Niehaus’ Windows 11 What’s New Series
Marius’ Article on Protection Against Ransomware in 2021

Y2K22 Brings Down Email:
MSPowerUser.com Article
Microsoft’s Scripted Fix

Log4j Updates:
A new log4j Fix for RCE
Free Scanner Tool from CrowdStrike.com
Shutterfly hit with Ransomware
IGEL Update

Dell BIOS Update Causing BSOD:
BleepingComputer.com Article

AWS Outage:
BleepingComputer.com Article

LastPass Credential Stuffing:
Forum Post About Incident
BleepingComputer.com Article

Azure AD Connect Security Fix:
Release Notes

AWS Security Lapse:

MSHTML Vulnerability from Last Year Rearing Its Ugly Head Again:
HackerNews Article

SAGE Acquires Brightpearl:
TechCrunch.com Article

Bluetooth Toy Phone Security Issue:
TechCrunch.com Article

Microsoft’s Nuance Acquisition Complete:
Article from The Verge

Android and Windows Users Can Join FaceTime Calls:

Windows 365 Security Baseline:

Adobe Project Shasta:
Engadget.com Article

DuckDuckGo Browser on the Horizon:
ZDNet Article

5G Rollout in US Halted Due to Aviation Safety Concerns:
Reuters Article

Microsoft Teams Get End to End Encryption:
WindowsCentral.com Article

Police Lose Sensitive User Data Stored on Floppy Disks:
News Article

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