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Episode 212 – Organizations Could be Fined for Not Patching Quickly Enough!?

On this episode, I feature updates on the Log4Shell story and more on the Y2K22 story, I also talk about the brand new Cloudpager product from Numecent plus much more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Jose Espitia’s Edge Warning and Reg Fix
Citrix Cloud and AVD – Absolute Fluff (jkindon.com)
Secure and optimize AVD and CloudPC using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (rozemuller.com)
Enable 2FA for Citrix Cloud — Ronnie Hamilton
How to Remote Assist Autopilot Deployments with Quick Assist – Microsoft Tech Community
Dowst.Dev | 2021: A PowerShell Year in Review
Matt Call’s PSA for Screenshot Capture Tools
Mick Hilhort’s Tool for Locking Down a Child’s PC for School Work
Trentent’s Blog on Analyze Logon Duration Updates
Turbo ADC
Blog on Fast Active Directory Replication
Congrats to Sander

Y2K22 Updates:
Blog about Y2K22 Bug in SonicWall
Honda’s Y2K22 Bug

Log4j Updates:
ZDNet Article About Attacks on VMware Horizon Servers
PowerShell Backdoor in Log4j Attacks
FTC Warns Companies Must Secure Against the Vulnerability

Cloudpager Announcement:
Reveal Video
Cloudpager Details

NHS Patch Mishap:

Apple VPN Feature Blocked by European Carriers:
9to5mac.com Article

NVIDIA Acquisition:
Press Release

VMware Patches:
HackerNews Article

Out-of-Band Patch for Windows Server:
BleepingComputer.com Article

More Patch Tuesday News:
Cyber Security Times Article

Patch Breaks Outlook Search for New Emails:
BleepingComputer.com Article

AADJ Sync Issue:

Teams Improvements for Windows 365 and AVD Coming:

Impact of Losing a Team Member:

Hacker Plays Himself:
WindowsCentral.com Article

VMware Tanzu App Platform Goes GA:
ZDNet Article

Azure Stack HCI Sizing Tool in Preview:
TechCommunity Article

WinGet Update Preview:
GitHub Repo

Server 2016 Warning:

Brad Rowland Joins Rimo3 as CMO:

vExpert Applications Closing:
Details on Applying
Recipe for Applying

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