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Episode 218 – Hotpatching for Server, Slack Outage, Malware in the Microsoft Store

In this week’s episode, I cover the release of a new hotpatching feature on some Server editions, an uncertain future for Citrix Hypervisor, Windows 11 Pro requiring online setup and more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Weekly Webinar:
ControlUp Azure Metrics and AVD Webinar

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
James Kindon’s Blog on Shrinking Azure OS Disks for Ephemeral
Blog on Using HTML Requests with Power Automate
Detailed Breakdown of Windows 10 and Windows 11 Device Wipes
MEMCM Uninstalls Apps Using Configuration Item Baseline
Aaron’s Logic App
Creating a Bootable Windows 10 Autopilot Device with PowerShell
Run Sentinel Playbooks from Workbooks
My Blog on Using Scoutbees API with Power Automate

Hotpatching for Windows Server Azure Edition VMs:
TechCommunity Blog

Windows 11 Pro Boot to Require Internet Connection:
ZDNet Article

Sustainability Efforts by Vendors:
ZDNet Article

Slack Status:
Slack Status

VMware Horizon Next Generation:
VMware Blog

Questions Around Citrix Hypervisor’s Future:
Michael Wenger’s Tweet

Microsoft Defender for GCP:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Citations Feature for Edge:
Windows Blog

New Intel Processors:
WindowsCentral.com Article

MFA Fatigue Used for Attacks:
PortSwigger.net Article

Malware Makes it to Microsoft Store:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Nation State Attacks:
ArsTechnica Article About Iran Launching Log4Shell Based Attacks
Reuters Article About Cyber Attacks on Ukraine Likely Originating from Russia

Windows 11 Features in KB5010414:
GHacks.net Article

ControlUp v 8.6 is Generally Available:
Release Notes

Hector Martin’s Apple NVME Thread:

PVS Admin Tool New Features:

Father Uses Jammer to Block Kids’ Internet Access But Knocks an Entire Town Offline:
ZDNet Article

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