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Episode 235 – June Patches Causing Problems! Cisco Won’t Patch EoL Routers! AAD LAPS!

This week I cover a lot of new about fallout from the June Windows Updates, some follow up on the LAPSU$ Okta breach, lots of Citrix news and much more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Weekly Webinar:
Alchemy DaaS Webinar

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Patch My PC Tip from Erik and Adam
Guy’s Trimmer Script to Instantly Reduce Resource Utilization
Shane’s Hot Keys Tutorial for Windows Terminal
Rudy Ooms’ Blog on Troubleshooting the Company Portal
How to Create a Backup of MEM (Intune)
Guy’s PowerShell One Liner to Find and Install AD PowerShell Modules

Patch Tuesday Patch Fallout News:
BleepingComputing.com Article on June Patches Causing Problems
BleepingComputing.com Article About Breaking VPN RDP RRAS Connections
BleepingComputing.com Article About Out-of-Band Patch to Fix 365 and AAD Sign-in Issues

Cloudflare Outage Takes Down Major Sites:
Silicon Republic Article

Cisco Won’t Patch End of Life RV Routers:
BleepingComputing.com Article

Windows Defender App:
Article From The Verge

Sophos Firewall Bug Being Exploited:
BleepingComputing.com Article

Windows 11 Insiders Get LAPS for AAD:
Release Notes

Silverlight Removed from Citrix App Layering:
Release Notes

PVS Setup Streamlined:
Citrix Blog

NetApp Files Resiliency for App Layering:

Public Preview of AVD Metadata for Australia:

Okta Champion the Success of Zero Trust:
Article From The Register

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