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Episode 236 – June Patch Breaks IE Mode! Ransomware Gang Launch Bug Bounty Program! A Legend Leaves Microsoft!

This week I cover a lot of news from Microsoft on new products entering public preview, some reaching generable availability, a pretty crazy story about a ransomware gang launching their own bug bounty program and much more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Hot Jobs:
Numecent Jobs

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Guy’s Tip to Use Explorer++ or Total Commander
Lurie’s Office Tip for Extracting Document Contents
Ben’s Tip for Testing Latency to Azure DCs
Setting AVD Location Redirection
Deploying Custom Windows 11 Desktop Themes in MEM
Optimizing RDP Connectivity for Windows 365
Martin’s Series on Using GitHub and Terraform for Azure Resources
James Kindon’s Log of Changes to Citrix Profile Management

June Patch Breaks IE Mode in Edge:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Zendesk Acquisition:
Press Release

Ransomware Bug Bounty Program:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Malicious Python packages:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Passwords More Protected than Biometrics?:
Kim Zetter’s Tweet

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Horizon:

Power Automate Updates:
Release Info

Public preview: Azure Data Studio MongoDB extension for Azure Cosmos DB:
Release Info

Public preview: Multiple backups per day for Azure Virtual Machines:
Release Info

Power Apps for Windows is GA:

Public Preview: Intune user configuration for Windows 11 multi-session VMs:
Release Info

Raspberry Pi Goes to Space:
ZDNet Article

Jeffrey Snover Leaves Microsoft:
Jeffrey’s Tweet

CTP Drops First Single:
Announcement from Chris

I Joined Numecent:
My Announcement

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