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Episode: 243

Two Apple Zero-Days Being Actively Exploited! Patch Tuesday Fallout! Cool PowerToys Feature!

On this week’s episode I do a quick roundup of this month’s Patch Tuesday updates, I discuss changes to Office 2016 and 2019 support coming soon and much more!

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Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Automatically Send Teams Notification When Autopilot Completes
Using Packer to Create Azure Machine Images
AVD Architecture Diagram
Jeff Brown’s PowerShell for Enabling Office 365 Licenses via PowerShell
Jen’s Edge Tip
App Deployment Toolkit Video Series
How to use Delta Sync in Azure AD Connect
Guys’ PowerShell cmdlet for Getting file info
Denice’s Novice Guide to Malware Analysis
What AVD Challenges Azure Stack Solves

Patch Tuesday Patch May Trigger Bitlocker Recovery Key Prompt:

Bad Microsoft 365 Patch Pulled:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Widespread Microsoft 365 Outage Reported:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams Teaming Up:

High Severity Cisco Security Flaws Patched:
Hacker News Article

Chrome Zero Day Patched:
Sophos Blog

Kubernetes 1.25 on its Way:
Sysdig.com Article

Majority Security Hole in Zoom on macOS:
Article by The Verge on Patrick Wardle’s Discovery
SiliconRepublic.com Article About a New Patch

Two Zero Days in Apple Products Actively Exploited:
SecurityWeek.com Article

Azure AD Connect Gets Autoupdate Feature:
Dirteam.com Article

Copy Text from Image Feature for PowerToys:
BleepingComputer.com Article
GitHub Comments Section for Feedback on Mouse without Borders

Native .NET 6 for Ubuntu:
ZDNet Article

Microsoft Dev Box Virtual Workstations Available to Testers:
ZDNet Article

AVD Printing Experience Improvements:
Release Notes

Windows 11 22H2 Date Set:
ArsTechnica Article

MECM 2207 Details:
Release Notes

Autopilot Survey on Time Zone Settings:

Festive Tech Calendar Call for Sessions:

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