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Episode: 247

Windows Update Breaks GPOs! VMware Charged by SEC! Patch Tuesday Roundup!

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I do a roundup of the Windows Updates published for September’s Patch Tuesday, an early indication of fallout from a patch which break group policies and much more!

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Here are this episode’s links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
Guy’s PowerShell Cmdlets to Show Last time a Reboot Occurred
Windows Update Compliance Dashboard v8
My Automation Blog using ARM Templates, PowerShell, Automai and Cloudpager
Creating a 365 Automated Off-boarding Process with Sharepoint, Graph API and Powershell
Morten’s Blog on Resizing Group-based Licensed Cloud PC with PowerShell
Get Back your Win32 App Detection Scripts
Life on the Edge Podcast
Blog on Getting Started with Microsoft Graph and Win32 Apps

Patch Tuesday Roundup:
Hack News Windows Update Roundup
Issue with Patch Breaking GPOs

Sophos Reminder About iOS Vulnerability and Patch Levels:
Sophos Blog

iOS 15.x to 16 Upgrade Issue with Intune:

Major Teams Security Issue:
BleepingComputer.com Article

Autopatch and Autopilot Updates:
Autopatch Details
Autopilot Roadmap

SEC Charges VMware:
Press Release

Wi-Fi 7 Ready to be Implemented:
SiliconRepublic.com Article

Info on New Intel CPU:
Article by The Verge

Windows Terminal Enhancements:
Petri.com Article

.NET Now Available via Windows Package Manager:

Remote Desktop Client Update:
Release Info

Details on New iPhones and iOS:
ZDNet Article

PowerShell Workshop with Guy Leech:

Full Podcast Episode Guide:

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