Episode 29 - Highlights from Inspire & AWS Summit, Layering, IoT Fun & More

Episode 29 features info on Highlights from Inspire & AWS Summit, Layering, IoT Fun & More

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Hot Job:
Graduate/Junior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Web Data Data Analysis Tool

Microsoft Inspire Announcements:
CRN Article

CloudHouse MSIX Enterprise:
CloudHouse Announcement

Amazon AWS Announcements:
ServerWatch Article

Azure NetApp Files:
Azure NetApp Files Announcement

Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall:
Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall Article

Windows Autopilot:
New Windows Autopilot Site

July 2018 Service Release for MDOP:
Release Notes

Cisco Flexitime Business Case:
Business Standard Article

WireShark Anniversary:

Remote Desktop Web Client Released:
Microsoft Blog

Azure IoT Big Mouth Billy Bass:
Automate Everything Blog

Citrix App Layering 4.12 Release:
Release Info

VMware App Volumes 2.14:
Leclmaas Blog

LoginVSI AppCompat Tool:
BrianMadden.com Article

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