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Episode 58 – Major Linux & macOS Malware, VMware Acquisition, 2018 Hard Drive Failure Rates & More

This episode covers the SpeakUp Malware currently running rampant in Asia and Latin America on Linux and MacOS devices, including for some AWS customers. News on a VMware acquisition and a Cisco acquisition, as well as a great study on hard drive failure rates and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Hot Job:
US Based Remote Roll as Red Teamer

Weekly Webinar:
Adaptive Webinar with Paul Winstanley and Maurice Daly

Scripts, Tricks & Tips
BIOS Checker Tool

Windows Updates Problem Explained:
ZDNet Article

Extended Windows 7 Support and Updates Pricing:
ZDNet Article

Desktop App Assure:
Microsoft Announcement

VMware to Acquire AetherPal:
VMware Blog

Firefox To Disable Autoplaying Videos:

Google Chrome Deprecates Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1:
SSL Store Post

SpeakUp Malware on Linux and macOS:
BleepingComputer.com Article

ICT-R Profile Performance on Windows 10:
ICT-R Performance Analysis

HomeBrew 2.0 Released:

Windows File Manager Added to Store:

Hard Drive Failure Rates in 2018:
BackBlaze.com Study

UberAgent 5.2 Released:
UberAgent 5.2 About

Cisco Acquire Luxtera:
Press Release

E2EVC Lisbon Date Announced:

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