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Episode 61 – HoloLens 2 & Azure Kinect Reveal, RDSH Sizing Tips, Old Vulnerability Patched & More

This week’s episode features the unveiling of the HoloLens 2 and Azure Kinect devices that were reveal at the EWC event in Barcelona. I also talk about a 19 year vulnerability patched in WinRAR and much more!

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Weekly Webinar:
HIMMS CatchUp Webinar
Scripts, Tricks & Tips
Microsoft LAPS Setup Guide
Liquidware WVD Partnership Webinar:
Liquidware WVD Webinar
Microsoft HoloLens 2 Announcement:
HoloLens 2 Video
Firefox HoloLens 2 Support:
Verge Article
NVIDIA GTC 2019 Discount Code:
Discount Code
19 Year Old WinRAR Vulnerability Patched:
Verge Article
Office 365 Icons Go Live:
Microsoft Updated Office 365 Icons:
Microsoft Release Articles
RD Display Analyzer 1902:
RD Display Analyzer 1902 Released
ICT-R RDSH Sizing Analysis:
ICT-R Article

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