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Episode 65 – ShadowHammer Malware Patched, SCCM Updates, Importance of MFA & More

This week’s episode of the podcast feature news on ASUS patching the ShadowHammer Malware, F5 launching a cloud service on the AWS Marketplace, the episode of MFA and much more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks & Tips
GetWMI Registry Key
ASUS Patch ShadowHammer:
Verge Article
F5 Launches Cloud Service on AWS Marketplace:
FierceTelecom.com Article
Software2 AppsAnywhere in a Car:
Kevin Goodman (Former FSLogix CEO) on WVD:
BrianMadden.com Article
Anvil Launch:
IT Worker Destroys 23 AWS Servers and Goes to Jail:
Sophos Blogpost
Step by Step Guide for Setting up MFA in Citrix Cloud Workspace:
How to Article
Citrix Cloud for the Community SignUp:
Sign Up – (Open at 9am BST on March 29th)
Performance Impact of Ad Blockers in VDI:
ICT-R Article
Performance Analysis Comparing Citrix VDA Versions:
ICT-R Article
Browser Performance Comparison:
ICT-R Article

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