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Episode 72 – Major Windows Worm Discovered, Intel Vulnerability, VMware Acquisition & More

In this week’s episode I cover a lot of major security news including a nasty Windows RDS Worm that has resulted in patches for XP and 2003, as well as patched for Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. There is news of another Intel vulnerability which could hit Mac performance by up to 40%. VMware have acquired an application focused company and much more!

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Scripts, Tricks & Tips
Jason Samuel’s WVD VDI Experience Cheat Sheet

App-V Correction:
TMUrgent.com Blog

RDS Worm Vulnerability:
KrebsonSecurity.com Article

Intel Vulnerability:
Sophos Article

Apple Mac Performance Could Reduce by up to 40%:
WCCFTech.com Article

Sharepoint Attack:
ZDNet.com Article

Anti-Virus Companies Breached:
ArsTechnica Article

Microsoft Password Story Update:
Forbes Article

VMware Acquire Bitnami:
VMware Press Release

VDI Lockdown Book:
Book Cover

Patrick Coble Interview:
Frontline Chatter with Patrick Coble

MasterPackager Teams MST:
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MSIX AppAttach Article:
BasVanKaam.com Article

PowerToys for Windows 10:
ZDNet Article

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