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Episode 75 – Google Cloud Platform Outage, BIG Apple Announcements, Yet Another RDP Vulnerability & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover some of the Apple announcements from WDDC 2019, I talk about a significant Google Cloud Platform Outage and news of another RDP vulnerability.

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Weekly Webinar:
DJ Eshelman’s Citrix Tips

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Getting Started with Creating Cross Platform Apps

Google Cloud Platform Outage:
EnGadget.com Article

Google to Acquire Looker:
TechCrunch Article

WWDC Apple Highlights:
ZDNet Article

iTunes Going Bye Bye on Macs:
ArsTechnica Article

Macs and Macbooks Older than 2012 Won’t Run Catalina:
AppleInsider Article

Catalina Data\Storage Changes:

BlueKeep Updates:
MalwareTech Blog Breakdown
Event View for GitHub Sample

New RDP Vulnerability:
HackerNews Article

Canva Breach:

Citrix Connection Quality Indicator:

Citrix vDisk Replicator Utility Released:
Release Info

BIS-F 6.1.1 Released:

Liquidware FlexApp 6.8.5 Features:

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