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Episode 76 – Salesforce Acquires Tableau, UberAgent for macOS, Security Nightmares & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover key acquisitions made by Salesforce and VMware, the announcement of UberAgent for macOS and multiple security nightmares that will you awake at night! For this and much more, be sure to check out this episode!

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Hot Jobs:
ControlUp – IT Engineer
Novosco – EUC Remote Desktop Support
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Weekly Webinar:
Bromium Webinar

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Community Cloud Book Project Complete

Salesforce Acquires Tableau:
ZDNet Article

VMware to Acquire AVI-Networks:
VMware Blog

Citrix App Layering 19.5 Released:
What’s New?

Premium Subscription Firefox Announced:
TechRadar Article

UberAgent for macOS:
UberAgent Article

E2EVC Marathon Edition Announced:

Tim Mangan Releases Free PullApps Tool:
Release Info

Apple iCloud App for Windows 10:
Windows Blog

MSIX Packaging Tool Updates:

RAMBleed Attack:
BleepingComputer.com Artlce

Security Exploit Perfect Storm!:
dirkjanm.io Post

Google Calendar Phising Attempts:
ThreatPost Article

More Security Nightmares:
City of Baltimore Ransomware
US Border Crossing Data Dumped Online
Yubico YubiKey Recall

Azure Bug Bounty Update:
Bloomberg.com Article

Microsoft Security Blog Post Series:
Microsoft Blog

VLC Benefits from EC Bug Bounty Program:
BetaNews Article

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