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Episode 85 – 20 Year Old Windows Vulnerability, Another RDP Flaw, August Patch News & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast there is a lot news regarding August patches from Microsoft as well as from Intel. I talk a little about Windows Virtual Desktop and MSIX and cover a fascinating tale of a 20 year old vulnerability that exists in Windows as discovered by Google’s Project Zero team. For that and much more check out this episode.

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Citrix Analytics Webinar

Scripts, Tricks & Tips:
Find Uninstall String Script

CTF Windows Exploit:

Wormable RDP Flaw:
Bleepingcomputer.com Article

August Patches:
Bleepingcomputer.com Article

August Patches Won’t Install for those running Symantec or Norton:

Windows Fileshare Issue on Macs:
Bleepingcomputer.com Article

WVD is Near:

Free CloudJumper WVD Account:

AMD EPYC in Azure:

More on the Capital One Breach:
ZDNet Article

Norway CUGC:

Linux Audio Issue to get Fixed:
Tomshardware.com Article

Google Chrome Ditching EVD:

Asurion Ransomware Attack:
Tennessean.com Article

Intel Patch:
The Register Article                                                                                                                                                            WVD Diagnostics: Doc

MSIX Report Card:
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PowerShell Core Gridview Cmdlet:

Citrix Cloud Connector Cert Change:

My RemotePC Article:

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