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Episode 144 – VMWorld Highlights, Bad Week for Office 365, CVAD 2009 & More

On this week’s episode of the podcast I cover my personal highlights from the announcements made during VMware’s VMWorld 2020 conference, I cover some details on the Office 365 outages that occurred this week as well as some other stories in the industry plus more!

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Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Scripts, Tricks and Tips:
PowerShell SysTray Menu
How to Check If UAC is Disabled
Free Azure Services
How to Install Just the Citrix PowerShell Modules
PowerShell Module Caching
Deep Dive Into Finding Out What Uses svchost.exe
David O’Brien’s Blog Post on Cloud Security
Upgrade Process from 7.15 to CVAD 1912

VMWorld 2020 Announcements:
Announcements Summary
Carbon Black Clone Support

Office 365 Outages:

Ivanti Acquire Secure Pulse and MobileIron:

XP and Other Microsoft Source Code Leaked on 4Chan:
ZDNet Article

Sophisticated Phishing Campaign:
ZDNet Article

CVAD 2009 Released:
What’s New

Workspace Issue and Fix:

Jim Moyle’s FSLogix Shrink Disk Script:

Work From Home Assholery:
ZDNet Article
BBC Article

Cloudflare Web Analytics:
Fortune.com Article

Word of Caution for those Upgrading Citrix ADCs:
Joe’s Warning

Nutanix CCA 3.0 Released:

Excellent App-V, MSIX and MSIX App Attach Training:

App-V Forum:

E2EVC Online Registration:

Nerdio Community Edition:


Coffee Machine Ransomware Attack:

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