Fantasy Premier League Competition 2018-2019

Welcome to the new season of the Fantasy Premier League competition!

Last year’s league was a great success with 32 participants! Mark won an Amazon gift card after being picked by you guys as part of spot prize for best team name. I came up with that idea on the fly but I like it, so remember put some thought into your team name this year. We’ll run a survey for best team name again with the winner get a gift card. Once again, the winner of the league this year will receive a jersey of their choice. I may also throw in some other spot prizes throughout the season.

This league is for those in the tech community. If I don’t know you as a community member, you may get removed from the league.

Last season’s winner chose the new Manchester United home jersey which was just released a few days ago. It should arrive to him on the 15th of August. Congrats, Ambar!

To enter the new season, please sign up HERE. You should instantly receive the code in your browser and via e-mail in the event you close your browser before grabbing it. If for any reason, you do not receive the e-mail, please check your spam\junk folder or contact me directly at: or on my Twitter: @Rorymon


In the interest of being completely honest. I would like to use the e-mail address you provide to also send you my newsletter. My newsletter only goes out a few times a year. In fact, only twice last year. Once to promote this league and the other to promote the spot prize. I hope to send newsletters only when I have enough content to share. I hope to move to Ireland next year. Opportunities to speak at conferences may be fewer and further between for me, so I may do my own webinars which I could also notify you guys about. I will of course include an unsubscribe option and if there’s enough negative feedback, I’ll just scrap the idea.